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Sampler Girl (USA)

On CLN Podcast

Nadia’s passion for knitting and gardening is a breath of fresh air. Her podcast beckons the listener to her Irish vignettes of yarn and home. The music soothes and every episode is like a visit with a friend.

Olann and Magazine (Ire)

On CLN Podcast

We love Nadia’s chatty style. It’s like we’re sitting there with her having a cup of tea. Her interviews are well researched and it’s clear she’s passionate about knitting and interested in her interviewees. Through listening to her interviews you get a sense of the people she’s talking to and you can learn a great deal in a short space of time.

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An Oirish Man (Ire)

On CLN Podcast

Nadia’s enthusiasm for the subject she knows far more than I about is pretty infectious. That and the fact that the little bit of the garden trickles in every now and again. Recommended.

Gardening Witch (UK)

On CLN Podcast

I just discovered this lovely podcast. As well as Nadia’s beautiful voice, and the fantastic music, the content is right up my street – craft and gardening … perfect. The interviews have been very interesting and now that I’ve caught up, I can’t wait for the next episode. Thanks, Nadia!

Surfguna (Ire)

On CLN Podcast

I’m really enjoying this podcast, it’s like a breathe of fresh air, exploring a garden, crafting and meeting new artisans along the way. Nadia had a very calming voice, so makes this podcast ideal for relaxing to. Looking forward to listening to the podcast and garden grow.

Inkedandcrafty (Ire)

On CLN Podcast

Great new podcast from Ireland. Covers topics of local interest and more. Gardening and crafting all covered with a soothing voice that makes you want to cosy up. Can’t wait to see this podcast grow!