Let me start off this post by saying that I know how lucky I am and I’m grateful for my little family, I mean just look at how cute she is. While working yesterday I ended up in a conversation with two lovely twenty somethings about what I used to do on St. Patrick’s Day prior to being a mum. This got me thinking and there are so many things that I took for granted before bump arrived. I know every mum will have their own list but here is mine:

1. Enjoy your bathroom time. Yup, enjoy every time you get a shower for as long as you want, every time you get to pee by yourself  or simply wash your face and brush your teeth. Those times are limited as soon as that little person enters your life.

2. Go out more! Go to the cinema (I miss this soooooooooo damn much), go shopping, go to a restaurant / pub or just enjoy going to the park without lugging around a baby and all the nappies etc. that go with taking a little person outside. You can of course go out while someone minds the little one but babysitters are expensive and your time is still managed by feeds or budgeting.

3. Get a haircut! Sounds ridiculous right? I have cut my hair once in the last 8 months (thanks to a wonderful mum in law who took T) and it was fabulous! I haven’t managed to get to a hairdresser since!

4. Be a scrooge about your knitting time! Yip, T takes up a lot of time during the day now and I’m so tired when she goes to bed, it takes all my energy not to follow her and whip my PJ’s on and crawl into bed at 7:30pm. Those days of watching T.V. and knitting are long gone. I knit when I can during the day when she lets me and then at night I have something very easy to knit but I miss those days of hours of continuous knitting time.

5. Enjoy wearing nice clothes and feeling good about how you look! I spend most of my time on my knees crawling, playing and trying to catch T, that all I can muster to wear during the day are gym clothes (it’s a workout, trust me) or jeans and a comfy top. If I’ve managed to brush my hair properly or let it see a hairdryer, it’s a good day.

There are other simple things, like having a hot cup of tea and eating food with a knife and fork while no one tries to steal it from your plate but I do get those rare times when these things do happen. I love Little T, she’s just at that fun age now where everything is a game and it’s funny and she has her communication down so we all know what we should be doing. I know I write this post on Mother’s Day here in Ireland but I can’t help but miss my pre – mommy days when I could selfishly only look after myself! So, if you could go back and talk to your pre- mommy self, what would you say?