Welcome to the CLN Podcast, a bi- monthly podcast with host Nadia Seaver. The podcast started out from the spare room of the cottage and has gone so much further than I dreamed of. This is the place where I like to share all the things I love with all of you. Here you will find solocasts and interviews about crafts, gardening and there might be a teeny bit of toddler talk. The interviews allow my guests to bring you into their world for a short time. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a knitwear designer, editor, dollmaker, horticulturist, allotmenteer, craft writer or blogger? Then choose a podcast and find out more:


The Latest Episodes:

CLN Podcast Ep.18 Time for You

CLN Podcast Ep.15 with Stoffoli Dolls

CLN Podcast Ep. 12 with Peter Donegan

CLN Podcast Ep. 9 A Story in Yarn

CLN Podcast Ep. 6 with Robynn Weldon

CLN Podcast Ep. 3 with Woolly Wormhead

CLN Podcast Ep.17 with Kate Heppell

CLN Podcast Ep. 14 with P/HOP

CLN Podcast Ep. 11 at EYF

CLN Podcast Ep. 8 with Gamer Crafting Yarns

CLN Podcast Ep. 5 with Gillian Harkness

CLN Podcast Ep. 2 Potatoes to Dye For

CLN Podcast Ep.16 with Melanie Berg

CLN Podcast Ep. 13 with Carol Feller

CLN Podcast Ep. 10 Within the Cottage Walls

CLN Podcast Ep. 7 EYF & More

CLN Podcast Ep. 4 with Evin O’ Keeffe

CLN Podcast Ep. 1 A Few Square Feet

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