Craft | 11 Confessions of A Knitter

If you have been following me on social media it’s no secret that I have been sick and lost my knitterly mojo. So today on the blog is a bit of whimsy and why not add your own ‘confession’ in the comments or if you’re brave enough admit to the ones you have done!


1. You have stopped a stranger in the street to find out the pattern they used for the shawl or hat they are wearing.

2. You have stopped a stranger to ask directions to a yarn store because they happen to be carrying a craft shop bag and you are hoping to all that is good that it is actually holding yarn and they haven’t repurposed the bag!

3. You use DPN’s, crochet hooks or spare needle tips to hold your hair back and you find yourself looking for that exact DPN, hook or needle swearing blindly that you just had it.

4. You use your interchangeable needle key to reset the TV remote or whenever you need a small pokey device because it’s always perfect.

5. You change to a bigger bag when leaving the house because your current WIP doesn’t fit in the bag you have.

6. Your other half stops mid sentence and backs away slowly because they realise you are counting and they don’t want to invoke the knitter rage!

7. Your other half knows the difference between yarn, wool and that plastic stuff.

8. You have taken pictures of knitwear in shops just so you can re-create the pattern yourself at home in a yarn you like.

9. You cuddle and sniff your yarn when you need comfort because there is nothing like that sheepy smell high.

10. You have acquired more yarn than you can knit with in your lifetime (SABLE) but you still buy more because the yarn needs a ‘good’ home.

11. You are still trying to devise away to knit in the bath!


So go on have you any knitterly confessions that should go in the comments?

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