Craft | 2015 – A Year of Making

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you have had a lovely break over the Christmas season. I won’t do a 2014 countdown as there is just too much that was crammed into last year. Myself and my husband became parents, we bought our first home and we had our first wedding anniversary. So this year is going to be focused on ‘A Year of Making!’

I’m looking forward to being more settled and home focused this year. So as all the bedlam happens with the house and Lil’ T, I’m jumping on Undermeoxter’s Year of Making and joining in to make sure I have a little me time.

My Knitter’s Resolutions for this year are:

1. To unpack all my yarn and wips

2. To have only 2 wips on needles by December 2015 (yes my inner knitter is rolling around laughing at this one)

3. For every project worth of yarn I buy, I want to knit a project from stash yarn. (yes my stash is starting to keel over and I’m frightened I may loose T in there when she starts to crawl!)

4. To join in more KAL’s and to have fun with crafting.

5. To document my Year of Making, to share the fun with all of my knitter friends and to help them achieve their goals in what little way I can.


So without further a do my Year of Making so far:

Project 0: This was a Citron in King Cole Galaxy. (complete)


I’m calling this project 0 as it was started during the xmas break but finished in the New Year. I loved the sparkle and how for once I managed to get a pattern and self striping yarn to pull together and show each other off in style. I loved this relaxed knit and I flew through it with a few glasses of the aul’ vino. Also I’m proud of this as my first stashdown project of the New Year!

Project 1: Epistropheid in Drops Lima. (complete)


My first KAL of the New Year thanks to Surfguna and Poppylicious. I’m a fan of Kate Davies in general so it was easy to twist my arm and get me to put down Citroen to join in. Again I used stash yarn and I just love Drops Lima.

Project 2: Cool Kid Hooded Hat in Malabrigo Mecha. (complete)

Hooded Cowl

An essential knit for any little tike if you ask me. We live near the sea so T needed a hood that would stay up and keep her warm.

Project 3: Snowflake in Sublime Lusterous and Rico Esssentials Cotton.(wip – 50%)

Snowflak wip

This has been put on the back burner until project 4 is finished. I’ve wanted one of these since the This is Knit mini KAL in March 2014. Alas,  I was pregnant and I didn’t want to knit a garment having no idea what size or shape I would be after bump arrived. So I watched the others knit their jumpers all the while coveting them. So I did what any knitter would, I bought the yarn and stashed it and said the magic word ‘someday’. Well true to my resolution, I pulled out the stash yarn and cast on. Hoping to finish before the end of Jan. (now after getting in to KALs it may be Feburary lol)

Project 4: Fluffinito in (yup, you guessed it) Malabrigo Finito and Fyberpates Culumus. (wip – Brand new)

Ok so the Sisk sisters are really to blame for this one. Both L and J  twisted my arm to join in the KAL for Il Grande Favorito by Isabelle Kramer. I mean who can say no to a This is Knit KAL???  I justified this to myself in a few ways. 1. I was frogging my Rhombi as the Finitio was knitting up too lavender for my liking. 2. I wanted to use the Cumulus and it meant that I got a fabric even softer than Finito. You may not believe me but oh boy it’s what I imagine knitting with a cloud would be like, all fluffy and light and best of all I have not ended up with floof in my face like other high halo yarns. 3. I wanted to do it but I wasn’t sure I had another garment in me right now but see my Knitter’s Resoulotion # 4 above. I just cast this on last night so I’m only on row 12 but I see this taking over my life this week.

Project 5: Follow your Arrow 2 – KAL (starts today woohoo!)

Yip I signed up for this KAL pretty soon after it was announced. I’m looking forward to doing it. After I get a good look at the first clue I’ll decide on which of my stash yarns to use. I have some Woolmeise or Skein Queen shortlisted but we will see.


Yes, ok January is a pretty busy crafting month for me. I get startitis, but this year, THIS YEAR, I’m going to finish these wip’s, just you wait and see. (Disclaimer: If by December this is in fact not the case, I will not be eating my hat, I will be furiously knitting with a glass of wine with some profanities escaping every now and again).

How is your January going so far? Is startitis kicking in? are you joining KALs? Are you documenting  your Year of Making? Drop a comment or a url below and I’ll have a look. I love inspiration!!!




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