Is there anything like turning to your happiness journal when you’re feeling a little low?

If you’re wondering if you should add some happiness journalling to your practice, then I would reply with an overwhelming YES! It’s a wonderful addition to any journal and is perfect for when your thoughts are leaving you feeling frustrated and sad or on an inward spiral.

But if you’re wondering what a happiness journal is, then let me explain:

What is Happiness Journaling?

Happiness journaling is the practice of regularly writing all your thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to happiness. It involves reflecting on moments of joy and gratitude, exploring your values and goals, and identifying areas for growth and improvement.

By regularly journaling, you can gain a deeper understanding of what brings you happiness and develop a more positive outlook on life. The act of writing your thoughts and feelings can also help to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, and improve overall mental health. Whether you journal every day or once a week, incorporating this practice into your routine can be a powerful tool for cultivating happiness and well-being.

Sound good? A little unsure of when you would use a happiness journal or when to add it to your practice?

I got you:

When to Use a Happiness Journal

A happiness journal is something that I use when I find myself having more negative thoughts than I’d like or if I’m processing something that makes me feel deeply sad. When those thoughts and feelings are important, it’s also important to realise that they aren’t the only feelings and emotions that exist at that time.

I will add a happiness journal when I want to celebrate joy. This can be a practice all on its own or a question added towards an end of a journaling session so that you can end on a lighter note and move into the next part of your day. You don’t need to add a whole journal for happiness, you could add it to part of your bullet journal that you flip too when you need it.

Having a particularly awful week – happiness journal

Feeling like your thoughts are going in circles – happiness journal.

Stuck in a comparison trap – happiness journal

You get the idea.

So, if this sounds like something you’d like to add to your journal routine, then keep scrolling:

5 Journal Prompts for Happiness by The Cottage Notebook

5 Prompts for Your Happiness Journal

Take these prompts and write for as long as you like/can. I like to only focus on one during each journal session.

  1. Describe a simple pleasure you experienced today.
  2. Who are the people or things that bring positivity to your life?
  3. What did you learn today that was new or exciting?
  4. What was a moment today that brought you joy or contentment?
  5. What was a small act of kindness that you showed someone today?

A Final Reflection for your Happiness Journaling Practice

Take a moment to reflect on your week or day and think about what brought you happiness and what didn’t.

What can you learn from both the positive and negative experiences to cultivate more joy in your life moving forward?

Reflections are an important part of journaling. You can’t tell how far you’ve come without reading over your entries from when you started. So if you need a reminder, just flip back through your journal. You’ll be amazed at how wise you sound in some of your entries and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wondering why you forgot that nugget of wisdom.

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