Craft | A Taste of Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2017

It seems like forever since I got to sit down and write a blog post and the reason for that has been Edinburgh Yarn Festival. As I sit here I’m finding it difficult, to sum up, such an amazing event and I’m saddened to get back to my day to day life and know that today I won’t be surrounded by knitters wearing amazing handknits. The event took place at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange pictured above at dusk and it was crowded during peak times on Friday. However, Saturday was more refreshing and relaxed and that is when I got to really see the event for what it was. So for now, here is a taste of EYF 2017.

EYF is a festival for fibre folk. The Corn Exchange is a beautiful building with character which is evident even with all of the stalls in the halls and marketplace. I will admit trying to photograph the beautiful exhibits was next to impossible with the crowds but we did our best. I have a mountain of images to go through and the same with audio files so expect to hear lots from me on my favourite exhibitors.

Morvarch by Lucy Hague

As a podcaster, I got to visit the show on both days and I got to record a few things while at the event and I know you are all dying to hear them but they are going to take a little bit of time to edit and clean up. On the Saturday while it was quiet I got to nab a few podcasters, designers, exhibitors and festival attendees. I asked them one question and that was “What does EYF 2017 mean to you?” It’s a bit of a tough question on the spot, so I gave everyone warning and did two laps of the show to record the soundbites before zipping off to the airport. I’m going to be popping the entire audio up as soon as it’s clean but for now, I’ll leave you with the lovely response from Rachel and Alison from Yarn in the City. I think this response sums up the experience perfectly. Please note this is unedited and straight from the recorder but it brings a smile to my face each and every time I listen.

Rachel and Alison from Yarn in the City


I will be back soon with a blog post on my favourite exhibitors as I got to talk to quite a few and I have some amazing stories to share just as soon as I can back on top of things this week.


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