Love | August

It really is hard to believe it’s August, it’s lashing rain and the wind is blowing wild around the cottage. How have you been? Are you well? Did you get to enjoy summer yet?  It’s been a while since I asked. I’ve made a cuppa and stolen some time to write a quick post to you so I can keep in touch and find out what’s happening with you.

Did I tell you August is going to be my break month? No, really I am stepping back from a lot of things. It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey but I need some time for me but that’s ok right? You won’t miss my voice too much. I have some friends to chat with you on the podcast and possibly on the blog too and their voices are important to me so be nice while I’m gone.

A Slower Pace

It’s ok I’m not abandoning you, I’ll be here but just less of me. We have plans to build a DIY Greenhouse and we need to see what we can achieve in a month. The roof and insulation on our rooms need to be done and while all this is going on I need to take a slower pace to everything online. I need to explore, to see things through different eyes and lenses so I can share that with you. Like I keep asking all of my guests, “where does your inspiration come from?”  I need to find that answer for myself because I’m pretty worn out right now.

I’ll pop back with some Knit Chat and the podcast is back, did you notice? It was tough to turn the microphone back on and I like to talk a LOT so believe me when I say it was tough. July was really a hard month here so August needs to be gentle. I didn’t quite know what to say anymore. I didn’t want to record just anything or inane chatter and my projects are stalled so rather than record I chose to stay silent. I do have some lovely guests to share with you but we never got a chance to record because I got sick. So I need to recharge batteries and reset timelines before we embark on another journey together.

I realised I don’t like life to be too perfect. 

Since we are here together, let me ask you what you would like to see more of? Before you say Dyer interviews or Designers, yes I am still doing those and more written ones too. I have sent out a few and as they come back I will send out more but I need to respect that these people are busy too. It’s their summer and although they would be delighted to meet you, they are juggling lots too. So, be patient on that front and you will be rewarded I promise.

Would you like to see more personal posts? More creative posts? Would you like to see some gallery posts of my attempts at Instagram images? As I typed I have just taken a deep breath and exhaled. It’s no secret that I have been working on my image skills. Trying to develop my eye of what I like or see as interesting. As you focus on one area the others fall to the side as there is only so much time in the week to create. July is probably the month where I had the most fun with the camera and also where I pushed myself and did my first video and my first Instagram Live. From this came my new avatar, lots of fun on IG and I got to replace stock images with my own images here in my online home. I realised I don’t like life to be too perfect.

That’s a strong statement to make but I don’t. It’s not from a place of jealousy of not being able to take amazing IG images. I wish I could but I’m getting better every day. The more practice I get the more comfortable I am with using a camera. Plus those images aren’t my style. It’s not that I love mess, it’s just I have learned to live with it. I don’t live in a staged home so the point of my IG is to share whats important or meaningful to me. I like to have fun with yarn images and gifs and to create something fun to look at as much as it is to write. I stopped posting and only posted once a day and chose my favourite image and it’s created a gallery that makes me smile when I see it. I go on photo-walks with my girls and we have dress up and playtime. There is laughter, fun and being honest there are some tears too like when T stubbed her toe or K stole T’s flowers or They had to take off their tutus to go to bed.

This is the main reason to take a slower pace this August. These monkeys are here for just these 4 weeks before school starts. I thought I would be glad to see them go but I love hearing them play and laugh and I will miss that. So I’m going to soak up as much fun as I can before our routines become the school routine of September. What are you trying to achieve before school starts?

Keep safe until we chat again. My tea is cold and my monkeys are awake and trying to empty my project bag so I have to go save the sleeves.

Chat Soon



Psst here is a gallery of this mornings fun here:

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