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Best Laid Plans: EYF BlackerPodKal Update

Nadia Seaver, Cottage Notebook

24 February 2017

As Friday rolls in I know I should be posting an update on the Blacker PodKAL for EYF 2017. Right about now I should be holding up a finished Fade and Flip shawl that I started diligently, weeks ago. As you see, I’m not……

The Fade and Flip shawl in the Tamar 4 ply were not a match made in heaven. Both are amazing ingredients but together, even with changing the needle size they just didn’t want to work together. So, last Sunday I ripped out that shawl above and started again, this time on Driftwood by Isabelle Kreamer. Yes, it’s a garment and it’s full of simple stocking stitch so I know I should be able to get this off my needles before EYF. I’m currently at the underarms and working until I can join in the round. I can and will do this…….

The reason I let myself get so far behind was because of 2 reasons the pattern Erea by Emma Wright and the Falkland Aran yarn by Debbie Bliss.  This was one of those times where I saw the pattern and I had to have the garment right now. Then I was in work and I had always wanted a reason to work with the Falkland and well I came home with a lighter wallet and a giant bag of yarn ready to cast on that night and I did and I didn’t stop until I reached the arms.  I mean just look at the squishy gorgeous texture:

Driftwood by Isabelle Kreamer

Now, I’m perfectly comfortable sharing as I know every single one of you has been in the same position and now I am going to have 2 beautiful garments. Cough but will I have them for EYF? Only time will tell. So have you been side swiped by a yarn or pattern so badly you throw down your current WIP for it? What was the yarn or pattern?

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