Craft | Bittersweet – Folded by Veera Välimäki

Today, I should be jumping for joy because my Folded is finally off the needles and I’m snuggled into it, drinking a hot chocolate as I type and I just can’t help feeling a little sad.


I loved this project from start to finish, it was a relaxing and fun evening wip while my brain was too tired to do anything other than stocking stitch.  The yarn is Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Raven and I love working with this.  The yarn has been in my stash for about 2 years now and it’s been queued for about the same length of time,  so long ago, that they are the old 350M per 100g skeins.  I had grown quite attached to opening my sock stash box and seeing the beautiful purple yarn cakes stare at me, that now when I open the box it feels a little empty. (Yip I just need something to takes their place in the box,  woohoo,  shopping time!)


I’m going to miss working on this but I’m going to love wearing it!  Like all of Veera’s designs,  it’s a classic and will be in my knitted wardrobe for years to come and I know I will reach for it time and time again,  like a comfort blanket.  So many changes have occurred since I cast this on  (short time frame but big changes) that it became the one thing that was steady,  a moment of surety at night to sit and knit and my brain could switch off.



Yes,  this is an older pattern of Veera’s but like a lot of things over the last 3 years,  it got put on my ‘To Do’ list,  I don’t think it ever made my Ravelry queue and that was it and my everyday life was just so busy with the girls and the cottage.  It felt like it was never going to get knitted.  At one point I even offered to sell my stash,  GASP!  I know but I was surrounded by all this beautiful yarn,  some hand dyed by friends,  some gifted,   some cashmere,   some bought in jumper quantities that it became a daily reminder of a life that I used to have,  the ‘before mammy’ phase,  and for a long time it felt like it was never coming back.


Now,  as I look at my reflection,  wearing Folded I feel proud,  happy,  excited and sad all at the same time.  Proud that I managed to organise my time to finish it.  Happy that this gorgeous yarn and pattern have finally grown up into this idea I had years ago.  Excited because now my needles are free to cast on for the October KAL here at the cottage and sad because as much as I wanted this FO,  I never wanted the wip to end.


I wasn’t sure while knitting this if I would run out of yarn but I have almost 20g left over.  I had 78g left after knitting the body as written in the smallest size.  I did knit the sleeves to 13″ and the body as written.  I also had to work some magic but using a special provisional cast on with spare cables,  it allowed me to finish the body before knitting the sleeves.  I then worked on the sleeves and finished them with a three needle bind off while keeping the wrap on the outside to continue that natural line that appears across the body before the raglan decreases.  I tried to get some close up pics so you could see it but you need to look close, really close. I even pulled it apart a little so you could see the figure of 8 wrap.


I was trying to photograph this on me but it is such a grey day here today that all of the pictures couldn’t really focus on the yarn properly. The jumper has already moped up baby tears before finishing this post,  so I know it’s going to be a loved garment.

And that is the end of a beautiful, comfortable wip and I do see another one of these in my future. Jenny  from Townhouse Yarns has been flaunting images on Instagram of her Clarendon Sock in Rippleberry and Kieren Foley posted a fabulous image of Ellie and Ada’s Sock yarn in a purple that had me over in her Etsy shop before I knew what happened.

Come on October I’m ready for you,  I just need to decided on which Carol Feller pattern to knit.  I will do either Talamh or Dacite in October so if you have any advice on which one to knit (because I really can’t decide, it started with 7 on the list and 2 is a low as I could go) then you can drop me a message on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Ravelry or you can leave a comment below and sure your already here…………

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