Craft | Blacker Yarns -Samite, Driftwood & Fade and Flip.

This week I thought I could take a step back to the craft side of things and have a catch up on all things knitting related. Edinburgh Yarn Festival seems like a lifetime ago and the Blacker Pod KAL even further. Why am I mentioning this? Well, I took part in the podcast knit-along and I didn’t manage to finish my knitting.This weekend I was packing away my craft supplies and I pulled the extra yarn out for this project and I remembered that it was still unfinished. Oops!

I’m not sure I ever told the story of my Driftwood sweater but it started out life as a Fade and Flip shawl by Amanda Schwabe shown above. I loved this pattern but I had chosen to use the Blacker Yarns Tamar 4-ply and in all honestly, I loved both elements independently but together the yarn didn’t work for this particular pattern. The shawl was coming out stiff and didn’t drape the way I wanted and the Tamar is a beautiful lustre yarn but it wasn’t being shown off to it’s potential.

And so I did what any knitter would do, I ripped back and searched Ravelry for patterns. I came across Driftwood by Isabelle Kraemer and I knew these would be a match made in heaven. This isn’t the first pattern by Isabelle that I have knit and I love the fit and simplicity of her designs along with some beautiful finishes plus I would have the benefit of a beach walk garment that would be lightweight and perfect for those transition days. The downside was that it was a week to the deadline of the podKAL and there was no way that I could churn out a sweater.

I got the body knitted up and I was proud of myself packing the yarn, needles and sweater to fly to EYF. I got there, sat in the podcast lounge and realised that I had packed the wrong needles! Fudgemonkeys. So I packed her back up after showing her off to Sonja and instead of buying another set of needles I chatted and bought more yarn and fibre and so my stash grew a little. I packed my bags for the flight home and somehow I also managed to pack an unopened fruit cup, ahem. Yip, on the flight the cup burst all over my project bag, my Driftwood and my yarn. Double fudgemonkeys. I got home and washed everything and only this morning did I pick up everything again to do the neckline and the sleeves. At this point, I would love to have a finished sweater but she needs a sleeve and some buttons yet and you know I still have an Akoya to finish.

I loved the Tamar so much that I made sure I stopped by the Blacker Yarns stand at EYF and I picked up some Samite to play with. Colour is one reason why I will pick up a yarn especially if it’s deep and the yarn has a rustic feel to it which the Samite does. The Samite is a 3ply blend of BFL/Shetland/Ahimsa Silk and Gotland and as you can see from the image it comes in the most gorgeous of colours.

On this particular day, I had a long bus journey ahead of me so I got out my needles and I worked on a stocking stitch and square with lace elements so I could work out the drape and the texture of the yarn and I loved the fabric it created. It had the depth of colour with a nice drape without it being too heavy and because of the blend the fabric was textured and interesting without me having to do any work other than stocking stitch. I have visions of summer tees and autumnal shawls in this yarn or a simple featherweight cardigan with blocks of stocking stitch so the yarn can be the star of the show.



I’ll leave you this close up image of my swatch and I hope it inspires you! I’ll be back with some more projects soon and don’t forget tomorrow is WIP Wednesday and you can show off what’s on your needles on Ravelry and Social Media using the tag #growcraftlove.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the new audio in the members-only area then make yourself a cuppa and pop on over.





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