After some thought during last nights Twitter chat, I realised that the best way to show you all my current projects (okay, not all but 3 or 4) was to pop on and record a quick vlog in the morning.

So if you would like to make a cuppa and come and join me in the cottage for 30 minutes as I blather on about Carbeth by Kate Davies, the Love Note KAL, Mountain Mist and show off some yarn, then press play below. I did consider calling this; the one in which the clouds move too fast and I talk far too much but I don’t think that is quite SEO friendly…cough. Anyone who makes it to the end will get a cookie 😉

*Apologies for the lighting, it’s natural and the clouds are just insane.


This is a gorgeous pattern by Kate Davies that I chose to knit in Rowan Cocoon. I have rather a lot to say about it. I wish I loved it but in hindsight, I should have knit the sweater version instead.

Mountain Mist

This pattern is by Tin Can knits. The yarn I chose is Drops Nepal with The Fibre Co. Cumbria as the white neckline. Yes, this has been on the needles since 2018. Am I ashamed: No! I hate sleeves I hate tiny sleeves even more!

The Love Note KAL

That’s right I joined the Love Note sweater KAL with This is Knit. The pattern is by Tin Can Knits The Yarn is Maalbrigo Finito Plomo and Fyberspates Cumulus in Slate. I just LOVE this knit. It’s fast, soft, flattering and perfect for those transition seasons over dresses, skirts or high waist jeans. I did knit this longer than in the pattern because of my yarn choice.

Cosy Knits Book Launch

Yes, I do blather on but at the end of the video I mention the cosy knits book launch at This is Knit you can book here. The special guests are currently being announced and I don’t want to give anything away just yet so please do keep an eye on social media / Instagram especially.

You probably have comments and questions. As always pop them below and I will do my best to keep up to date.Thank you so much for joining me and staying in touch with me on my social channels.

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