join the 10 day journal challenge by Cottage Notebook
join the 10 day journal challenge by Cottage Notebook

Challenge Overview

If you’ve ever wondered about keeping a journal, then this is the class for you. Over the next ten days, we will use journaling prompts that help you to reflect on self happiness and happiness in the home and your environment. 

What You Will Learn: Find my tips on setting up your journal space, finding time to fit journaling into your routine, and the difference between reflection on action and reflection in action. 

Why You Should Take This Challenge:

  • To explore if keeping a journal is right for you
  • To discover if a mindfulness practice can add more calm and happiness to your life.
  • To discover reflection techniques that can aid in your daily life should you not continue with a journaling practice.

Who This Class is For: Anyone who would like to take part in a journaling challenge and explore the benefits. 

Materials/Resources: A PDF workbook is provided for use with this class. Feel free to download and use it as it is or upload and use it as a digital journal within GoodNotes etc.