Craft | Christmas Cape

I’m excited to show you my Cape Jacket. This started out as an instant gratification idea because of a Drops Sale in Winnies, some encouragement from Bioniclaura and some selfish knitting time. It ended up only taking a week to knit in between Lil’ T’s naps so I’m very happy.

I was bored and trawling Ravelry for some Knitmas inspiration for my secret elf and I found this pattern by Siobhan Brown and I bought it. I didn’t want the Andes to look so ratty on 12mm needles, so I used 10mm needles and ended up not using Siobhan’s pattern. It was more of a construction guide in the end. I always loved the cables from Elena Nodel’s Sea Princess from the knit-a-long I did  with Lellknits in 2011 and I wanted to incorporate them into my cape. After some maths and a little bit of ripping, I was able to make the Christmas Cape I wanted. I would love to share the pattern but as the cables are the work of Elena, I don’t think it’s fair.

I used toggles to secure the cape under my arms to form more of a sleeve and to allow the cable knot pattern to sit in the center of the sleeves. I added short row shaping to the back around the knot pattern to allow the center back cable to sit evenly. Also all the closures open so the cape can be worn as a wrap and I got them from the lovely Marugerite from Textile Garden. I love my early Christmas present to myself and this was a project that made me smile to myself and think “yes, I can knit”

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