CLN Podcast Episode 1: A Few Square Feet


Today’s episode covers how we went about setting up the raised beds with the toddler here at the cottage, a Carol Feller Knit-A-Long and Townhouse Yarns.  I ask how you’re doing with the Winter Window Challenge and a short round-up of Knitter News.


The podcast is a little information heavy so here is a list of all the sites,  patterns,  yarns etc. mentioned today.


The Garden Shop ::  GIY International :: Quickcrop :: Fiona Grows Food ::

Enrich :: Etsy :: Ravelry :: This is Knit :: Dublin Knit Collective

Yarns Featured:

Townhouse Yarns ::  Juniper Moon Findley :: Ellie and Ada

Patterns Mentioned:

Maigold by Darlene Hayes :: Dacite,  Talamh, Stannum by Carol Feller ::  Bunting Party Flags for K&S Show

Podcasts Mentioned:

The Sod Show by Peter Donegan :: Pom Pom Quarterly by Lydia and Sophie :: A Playful Day by Kate :: Raven’s Rock by Cormac McDonnagh.

Music provided by Liz Seaver

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