CLN Podcast Episode 2: Potatoes To Dye For

Hello and welcome to the podcast. Episode 2 is finally here, come join me for another trip through life here at the Cottage.  You will hear more about the potato than you have probably ever wanted to know and I introduce you to the wonderful Dublin Dye Company and a quick round-up of what I’m listening to.

episode-2-potatoes-to-dye-for, podcast

It’s time for you to grab that cuppa and make yourself comfortable. We have around half an hour of GIY, crafty goodness with a little giveaway thrown in for good measure. Now doesn’t that sound like a Happy Friday?


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It’s been a very busy Potato season here and I discuss potatoes in containers and the heritage variety Shetland Black and Red Duke of York. After listening I hope you decide to grow your own potatoes, they are easy and keep the toddler entertained through out the season, just empty that container and let them dig for potato gold!

The Urban Farm has been a favourite of mine to check in on now and then. I really think what they achieve on a rooftop in Dublin is exceptional. The Thank Potato Project is one that really stood out and I thought, well we are talking about potatoes, why not tell you a little about it. It started it’s celebration tour in 2014 and I assure the project is still running in it’s own way. There is many a tweet of a fine looking spud and you can find these and more over on Twitter @UrbanFarm. Give Andrew a wave and a hello from us.

The latest news from GIY HQ is fantastic, it opened it’s doors to the public on October 6th to a warm welcome of coffee starved customers. Once the hoard was filled with yummy breakfasts and warm beverages they toured the wonderful gardens and found everything they needed to Grow, Cook and Eat.


The yarn I’m drooling over at the moment is from the fabulous Dublin Dye Company. All I have to say is just have a look at those sock gradients! I had a look at the Silken Lace and the lovely pattern Pavonis from Studio Miranda.  There is also a shout out to the fabulous work being carried out by Aoibhe Ni. Haven’t heard what she is up to? then stay tuned. The October KAL is well underway and Dacite is coming along nicely.How are you getting on?


We like to share the love and well that would mean it’s competition time here at the cottage. How would you like to win this beautiful skein of Dublin Dye Company DK? Have a listen to find out what you have to do 🙂

What I’m Listening to

PomPom Quaterly – Episode 29 with Caitlin Ffrench The girls Lydia and Sophie have done it again and left me laughing so hard I dropped my stitches. The interview with Caitlin Ffrench (yes two F’s) is particularly interesting as she discusses natural dyeing and the slow fashion movement. I can certainly relate to the ethos of sustainability.

A PlayfulDay – Pateron – Isle Yarns Yip we are big fans of Kate and her pateron podcast with Sue from Isle Yarns is beautiful to listen too. This is a Pateron podcast and well worth the time and effort (which is minimal, a few clicks really) to support. so go on what are you waiting for? Oh right the end of my post, ahem.

Lore – Aaron Manhke I can’t believe my friends never passed this on! I had to find out about it from the internets! For shame. I really enjoyed this podcast and it’s one that I get to listen to with my husband which is great! If you like scary stories and dark tales from history this one is for you too.

The Sod Show – David Tanner  This is a really special interview and it deserves your full attention and respect. Peter was extremely lucky to visit Glenview Gardens and talk to David. A quiet, relaxed interview dripping with experience, it is one not to be missed.

The Sod Show – Laura Garnett Laura from Perennial GBRS chats with Peter about Perennial and how they can help those in horticulture. This is not an area I know a lot about and it was eye opening. I understand the ups and downs of a seasonal occupation but this was both sad and uplifting to listen to. This is one for a cuppa and a snuggle blanket before bed, well it was for me!

GIY International Sound Cloud This is more of a constant resource for me at the moment. I’m running around and trying to catch up on what I’ve missed. there is a lovely interview of Fiona from Fiona Grows Food up here from Bloom and a very interesting one on the 39 cent veg and the true cost of cheap food.

And finally a huge thank you to the lovely Liz Seaver for the use of her music and  “Let in the Silence” from Turbulent Bliss. The beautiful piano tones are what sets the creative mood flowing throught the podcast. As always ,your a star Liz!

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