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I have been trying to figure out when to post about the fabulous time I had at the pop-up market at the Constant Knitter. I managed to visit right before I got very ill at Christmas so this post is long overdue.

Behold the fabulous yarn.

If you haven’t visited Dublin, The Constant Knitter can be found here. Rosemary has a lovely site with all the information you need and after reading this post you should pop over and have a look.

There were 3 main reasons for my visit

1: To put my hands on the amazing Brooklyn Tweed yarns

2. To try and fondle adore as many hand-dyed yarns as possible

3. To try and meet as many independent dyers as possible.

I achieved all three and fair warning, this post is picture heavy!

Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Oh yes, it is a giant wall of loveliness.

Shelter has been on my radar for a long time and while I was there I also got to view Loft and Quarry. The photography from Brooklyn Tweed does not lie, the yarn is as luscious as it looks and it took all my willpower to pop upstairs to the hand-dyed yarns.

Rosemary has a lovely workshop space upstairs and the day I visited it was filled with yarn as far as the eye can see. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Behold the fabulous Fine Fish Yarns

I was really excited to see Fine Fish Yarns, I got to briefly chat to Terri before closing and it left me with a longing to visit and chat with her more. Her fun and vibrant personality shines through in her yarns and the above photo doesn’t do her justice.

The lace, look at the Dublin Dye lace in the back!

Next up was the fabulous Dublin Dye Company. Regular readers or listeners to the podcast will know how much I love Yvonne’s work. If you want to find out more about her you can check our her lovely interview here. I currently have a pair of socks on my needles in Danger and it’s just wonderful to work with. I know, me and socks! Stay tuned I may have a fancy dance video of my new socks!

A glimpse of the Ellie & Ada Yarns

As I moved towards the window and the couches for a chat, I was drawn to the lovely selection of yarns from Ellie & Ada. The depth of colour was just fascinating and as the Christmas season was upon us when I visited, I was lost in the deep cranberry and mulled wine colourways. These had caught my eye on the Irish Dye Junkies update and I’m looking forward to more fun over on their Facebook page.

The Fiber Kitchen’s display with alpaca, merino and bamboo yarns. Trust me you want to feel the bamboo mix!

Next up was The Fiber Kitchen and I was delighted to finally meet Rachel and to try her yarns. This was a first for me and a skein of her alpaca base followed me home. I wanted a soft yarn with a halo for a shawl project and I had a particular vision in my mind. My little beauty was hiding under the gorgeous bamboo base and it was a hard decision but the neutral tones and subtle pink and grey tones won out for me.

Yes, eagle eye knitters, that is also a gorgeous skein of Strand Designs, remember that beautiful feature photo that drew you into this post? Yip that was the display of Strand Designs owner Karina. I unfortunately, did not get to meet her but there is time in the future.

Some of the Fabulous project bags by Kate from Hawthron Cottage Craft.

After all of that, it was time for tea and chocolates and a wonderful knit chat with Rachel (Fiber Kitchen) and Laura (Ellie & Ada) who are incredibly knowledgeable about their craft. But these bags by Kate from Hawthron Cottage Craft just kept staring at me. I mean look at them!  It was getting dark, as it does early in December, and I still needed to pop downstairs to Rosemary!

Om my way out, many hours later, I managed to spy some amazing buttons, woolcards and fabulous embroidery threads and before I knew it another hour had passed chatting to Rosemary and catching up on all the new items in the shop.

Phew with that, I leave you for today. If you have any urges for yarn that you have to have right this second. All the link in this post work and Rosemary does stock most of what I have in the most on her site here.


As an aside, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who subscribed to the newsletter and the VIC member area. I’m shocked by the response and I’m excited for all the projects planned for 2017. If your not a member, it’s free and you can subscribe at any time. This post explains a bit more.

Any questions or comments? Just let me know below!



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