Photography by Joseph Feller. 

Last year, I was incredibly lucky to be involved in Echoes of Heather and Stone by Carol Feller. I can’t believe a year has gone by and I’m writing this post today. Carol’s latest book Cosy Knits has just been released and you can find an introduction on Comfort & Kinship by yours truly!

Cosy Knits is quite close to my heart as we explored the idea of why we knit and what makes us cosy. Having lost my knitting mojo in the run-up to Woollinn, I was a little lost in a sea of yarn and Carol’s project became my port in a crafty storm.

As an introduction to the collection, each designer describes what ‘cosy’ means to them and how this influenced their thought process and design inspiration in their own words. You get a feel for the person behind the design, where and how they knit.

Cosy Knits features 9 stunning designs by Louisa Harding, Joan Forgoine, Bristol Ivy, Eimear Earley, Louise Tilbrook, Kate Heppell, Jimenez Joseph, Rachel Cooprey and Carol Feller. This is a book that you reach for when you want to snuggle down and cherish your knitting in quiet contemplation.

Cosy Knits is currently on Pre-Sale here and for further information, you can follow blog releases over on I really do hope that you enjoy this book, the designs are breathtaking. Each has its own unique style but I hope you will join me in reaching for your favourite handknit and your favourite mug of something hot as you settle into your favourite chair and explore why we knit, our friendships and the deeper meaning woven into our stitches. 

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