Love | The Cottage Notebook: Concept, Published & On Air

It is really hard to imagine that the Notebook was only launched in September 2016 and the last 5 months have been a rollercoaster ride that, quite frankly, I hope never ends. I am so grateful to all that read, listen and share in everything that I do here. Today, I finally had some down time to stand back and look at what I was creating and what has been achieved.


The idea for this site came from a need to have my own space, a place where I can create all of the things that I love and keep in contact with all of the amazing people that I have met in a crazy, fun and surreal 6 years in the craft community. Having my children meant I couldn’t be part of that community in the way that I had been and to quote someone far greater than me, a change was gonna come.

I figured out what I wanted to write about and what I loved and what I would like to read if I was rolling around the internet. But nothing prepared me for the support that you all gave from the wonderful ladies in This Is Knit to the Irish Knitters on all forms of social media and one hell of a business buddy! I am so incredibly grateful and really I was just floundering my way along and finding my feet until a chance conversation with Martine Ellis and the support from Jo’s Shineeybees community led to something great.

On Air

The podcast was something I have wanted to do for such a long time, but weddings and babies got in the way. My journey was not in anyway smooth, so the podcast was launched on the 19th of September 2016 when I (read we as my husband is an amazing editor and idiot filter) had the time to dedicate to it. Since then, followers have grown in such a short time, the Ravelry group actually has members! And they want to be there and follow along!! I was trying to work out the unique downloads but I have forgotten the url to my stats page right this second so I will update this post a little later.

Since, September I have gotten to chat to the amazing Evin OK, Mina Loves Designs, Angelina Panozzo, Woollywormhead and Robynn Weldon of Studio Miranda and the list for yet to record is just as amazing AND I get to head to EYF 2017 as a podcaster! This is the DREAM people!  Yes, I have managed to find a few expert and awesome gardening people to join in the podcast too and I am just as nervous to record now as I was 5 months ago.

If you want to catch up you can find all the info on the podcast over here


Taking a deep breath and putting my big girl pants on, led to finally getting the ezine out on Wednesday, this week. It’s shocking to me that something that felt like forever was pulled together in so short a timeframe thanks to everyone who featured in the issue and a lot of sleepless nights. One that meant me jumping up and down on my bed at three am in excitement while my husband looked at me in what can only be described as grumpy, wonder.

I will tell you that the idea of an interactive, behind the scenes ezine, was a cumulative process sparked from a few amazing sources. I wanted to look at the craft and garden industries (I’m working on it I swear) but in a way that let the readers get to know these amazing people like I do.

So, combining the Cottage Talks area of my blog into an ezine that people could read anywhere on any device when they wanted, seemed like a natural process. More than that, it allowed me to show the readers, exactly what we are talking about, in real time and just by clicking a link in the ezine. No further work is involved from the reader other than to stay comfortable and continue to learn about the featured artist. I also like the aesthetic of an online publication more than a blog post, I feel it can showcase those featured in a way that my blog never could.

If you would like to support the Notebook then join the VIC area and pick up a discount or two and use them! Thank you to everyone who made my journey to where I am right now possible. You are all fabulously awesome 🙂

Lastly, I should note that this Notebook is an area that I created to escape to. I was perfectly clear in my first ever podcast that this was to be a fun, safe space that was as much for me as for anyone who wants to come along and join the fun. I have my political views but they do not have a place here. I shout about them on Twitter from time to time but this is the place I escape to for my few minutes of peace before I head on back to the world crashing down around me.


Thank You!



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