Cottage Notebook Writing Challenge


Are you looking to unlock your creativity? Maybe you are just looking for something fun to do or you have the itch to try something new but you would like the support of others. This writing challenge is about starting off small and building to a sustainable writing habit. You can use it to help with your Instagram captions, blog post ideas or just to find some quiet time in your day just for you.


Sounds like fun. What’s the story?

Starting on January 1st. I will send out a weekly theme via email. For the next seven days, you will write around that theme until it changes on the following Monday. In week 1 the challenge is set at finding the time to write 100 words a day. That doubles in week two to 200 words a day. Week 3 is 300 words a day. You see where I’m going with this?

We build each day until reaching 500 words a day in week 5 and after that, if you wish to keep going we can sort out a link thread and we can join in on your journey.


But why would I do this?

Writing is very much a skill that we use every day but it isn’t one that we often practice creatively. Have you ever been stuck for a prompt for a blog post or Instagram? Are you bored of writing the same thing and using the same words?  Writing is a skill that can be learned and the more you write the better you get. It really is that simple.

This challenge is very much about thinking outside of the box and getting your creative juices flowing. Starting small and building daily is the secret to achieving a sustainable change in anything that we do and I always think that it is better to try something with the support of others cheering you on and holding you accountable then trying to make a change out of nowhere.


I’m not sure I want to share my writing with the world.

That’s ok too. This is about you and taking part in something that can inspire you in a different way. Use the prompts to help with image ideas for Instagram or Facebook. Use it just to practice writing with a pen and journal. Use it to experiment. You might be apprehensive to share what you create with the world but you probably already do on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your blog but you never sat down to consider what it is that you want to say.

This challenge is about finding your creative side to enable you to see things from a different point of view. Sharing it is completely up to you. I know what it is like wanting to know what people think of your work but also being too worried about how it would be received to share it.  Shout from the rooftops or take part privately from your quiet corner, either way, you are trying something new and the fun really is in joining in.


Wait, I do want to share with the world.

That is fantastic. I will be hosting some of the pieces you share on the blog along with a link back to your post, caption or your preferred link. There will be a constant link thread on Facebook and if it is hard to follow along I will start a group if that is what you prefer. After all, this challenge is about you. use the hashtag #CNWritingChallenge to share on social media and remember to post in the thread on Facebook once it goes live.


If you are interested or just curious, sign up below and enjoy a fun start to 2018.





Any questions or you just want to add your ideas pop them in the comments below.

Looking forward to an inspiring 2018 with all of you.




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