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Last week I posted about joining in with The Fibre Co. challenge for September.  Guess what, I did it!  I am happy to do the FO (finished object) swagger. Oh yes, I have thrown the summer of the unfinished objects behind me and I finally have a WIP Wednesday to show you all. It turns out that if I get sick, I get an almost uninterrupted stretch of knitting time. Let me introduce you to the garment that is straight off the needles and on to my little model. Have a read and let me know what you think of my choice in yarn and pattern combination.


Bloomsbury Kids by Svetlana Volkova in The Fibre co. Cumbria

Bloomsbury Kids (front) in The Fibre Co. Cumbria


Bloomsbury Kids

If you managed to catch me on the very quick Instagram Live I did on Sunday, you would have heard me mention the Bloomsbury Kids pattern by Svetlana Volkova and wave the yarn around in front of you. This is a pattern that I have always wanted to knit but I never quite got around to it so it was an easy choice for the Cumbria yarn I had in White Heather.


Side Lace Sleeve of Bloomsbury Kids in Cumbria yarn from The Fibre Co.

Side Lace Sleeve of Bloomsbury Kids in Cumbria


The Yarn

The Cumbria yarn is loosely plied with a blend of 60% Merino, 30% Masham 10% Mohair so it has a beautiful halo that I knew would show off this pattern beautifully.  I know that people see the word mohair and they have horrible visions of 80’s jumpers but please if you can, go and pick up a skein and just stroke it. The mohair is so soft and it adds so much to this yarn. It is also the main reason I could knit this on 5.5mm needles which is pushing the top end of the yarns recommended gauge. I loved knitting with this yarn it has a lovely texture to it. The stocking stitch area of the sweater is light but dense with a soft halo so it is warm to wear but not heavy. My only issue was ripping back as it is loosely plied so take your time, this is a yarn that requires a slower pace of life.


Bloomsury Kids Back in Cumbria yarn from The Fibre Co.

Bloomsury Kids Back in Cumbria yarn.



The pattern is a top down knit using raglan increasing. This is one of those patterns that I have to say I skimmed the instructions instead of reading the instructions. I assumed that you would have one action row with all the increasing and lace work and then one rest row of just knitting. Don’t do what I did, actually read the pattern. The increase for the front of the sweater happens in both row 1 and row 2 of the raglan pattern repeat. You are also working the lace panel at the back first followed by the left sleeve, the front panel and then the right sleeve. The lace pattern is worked on the back and both sleeves leaving the front panel plain.


Bloomsbury kids Sweater with The Fibre Co. Cumbria.

My Artistic shot of Bloomsbury Kids Front with Lace Sleeve Detail.


Once you have the sleeves on holders it really is just a matter of repeating the lace panel on the back until it is your desired length and then going back and finishing the sleeves.  The lace panel is a six-row repeat made up of three lace rows and three rest rows. It’s easy to remember and easy to read as you knit in case you want to watch TV as you go. I was sick while knitting this and I loved every minute of it so I can recommend both the pattern and the yarn is a great fit for each other. It also comes with the toddler stamp of approval which I was a bit worried about as I was wondering if she would find this itchy. The answer is no she didn’t and she cried when I took it off her to go to bed. So, I’m very excited to find out what you think of my choices and also I’m very proud of these images too!

This is also my entry into The Fibre Co. competition to win some of their gorgeous yarns. Go Team Neutral!  Don’t forget you can come and join us by posting and tagging The Fibre Co. and adding the relevant colour hashtag, #tfcbrights or #tfcneutrals.

*Disclosure: The Fibre Co. Sent me these two beautiful skeins of Cumbria so I could take part. All references to the yarn are my own opinions. 




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