I’ve been missing from the knitting community of late. I’ll be honest in that I’m not knitting and I haven’t since September last year. This you can imagine is a little problematic for a few reasons. I’m not blogging because I’m not knitting and I’m focused in other areas.

For the last few months, I’ve been focused on writing, sketching (badly) and playing with colour through other mediums like watercolour, pencils and pastels. Back in September, I shared this post about how I journal or do morning pages. Right now this is my hobby, it’s where I place my creative play and it brings a smile to my face. To those who don’t have a journal or write morning pages or explore art this might seem like an odd post here.

Bullet or Creative Journal?

The bullet journal community is huge and I am always amazed at the spreads that I see on Instagram. For the last year, I’ve been using a Lemome Dreamtree dot grid notebook which I love and a Leuchtturm 1917 lined one which I also loved but couldn’t use watercolour with.

While I could use these as a bullet journal they didn’t quite fit what I needed. It took me months to realise what I needed was a combination of an art journal and a dot grid. I’m a paper snob. There I said it, I am and I’m fairly picky about the type of pens I use too if we are being honest.

So I searched Traveler Notebook systems as this seemed like the most logical choice for me but I couldn’t make the system work. I wanted a cover with texture like my Dreamtree (vegan leather) and couldn’t find one so in the end I chose the YHH one above.

This is a binder which I’ll be honest I’m not in love with as it limits the spreads I can make but what I do love about it is the flexibility it affords. I can have watercolor paper, sketching paper, writing paper and dot grid paper in my planner. This means whatever medium or art I want to explore I can.

This also means that I can follow the bullet journal method that I love but also have illustrations where I want and have my morning pages and journal all kept together without the segments of the journal monthly page spreads. My mind did not do well with combining the “to-do” lists with my thoughts and writing. These needed to be separate but together at the same time.

Hybrid System

So, I have a hybrid system. It’s not a Filofax, Traveller’s Notebook, Art Journal or Bullet Journal but a deeply personal combination of what I love about all the above methods and systems. I’ll be back with a January flick through and how I use in detail. If you want to see what I’m up to I share some images over on my Cottage Notebook Stories Instagram here.

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