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Today’s post was possible by the generosity of Johnstone Paint for sending us the paint for this project. 

Do you have an ugly old mirror at home? I understand I used to, in fact, I inherited it with the cottage and I was never sure I liked it. We took it down and put it in the shed. This was all my husband because I wanted to pop it in the skip and now I have to listen to him go on and on about how great his hoarding is because of this one amazing upcycle. How amazing? Well let’s take a look at the before image:

Yes please ignore my messy countertops but I did say I had two toddlers under 3

Enter the amazing “Blackboard paint by Johnstone and a few hours later you have our finished board. Ready for menu planning, except the kids stole mine! The prep work was easy we washed and dried the old mirror and gave it a light sand. We didn’t remove the glass we painted the blackboard paint right over the top. 2 coats applied as directed on the tin and the important part was finished. We then painted the wood with their satin finish which we had. We didn’t use a primer as the wood was perfect with no chips or filling needed.



Once this dried we added the purple which was mixed specially for us by Johnstone’s and it is actually the colour of my front door! The black flower centres are more blackboard paint and we had a wonderful weekend project that we both love.



I had initially wanted to build an outdoor one but our weather hasn’t allowed us to work outdoors properly. When we do, expect another post. I hope this inspires you to pick up a paintbrush or to upcycle something that makes your eye twitch.


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