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Yesterday, Sunday, I popped up for an Instagram live chat about needles. Thank you to SuperfanJan for picking the topic! Now, I didn’t think that we could chat for almost an hour on needles but hey, now I realise that an hour probably wasn’t long enough from the direct messages and the hundred odd of you wonderful craft Instagrammers who joined the chat or the live recording. It’s clear that this chat really needs notes with links to the needles so I’m popping the images and links into this blog post and at the end of this post, I will pop up the Youtube recording of the live chat.


Knit-Pro Dreamz/Symfonie


You can tell how much I love my Knit-Pro Dreamz set. This set pictured in the main image above is wonderful to use. Like the Symfonie series, these are laminated Birch wood that is highly compacted which offers both strength to the needles and also minimises the chance of warping due to water absorption. I bought both of these through This is Knit and you can find the lovely ladies here. I believe that the Dreamz series has been replaced this season with the Royales which have a metal tip. You can read about the series here and if you are looking to purchase just contact the ladies at This is Knit and I’m sure they will do their best to help you.



During the chat, we move to the KnitPro Zings and these are those delicious metal needles with that tapered tip with a flat head. I love these because I push my needle tip when I purl and these needles make this incredibly comfortable. I like using the Zings in particular for sock knitting. You can find the interchangeable tips here and the DPN needles here.




These are the ChiaGoo needles, specifically the Red Lace Interchangeables. These come individually and as a set and are perfect for lace projects or for sleeves/socks two at a time using the magic loop method. I love the weight of the needles and the cable. When I knit with them, I have the impression that they are well made, solid, fluid construction and they feel like an expensive needle. As you see during the chat, I have many reasons why I would choose these as my metal needle of choice.

Hiya-Hiya Sharps


The set I show you is my Hiya-hiya Sharps. they have the sharpest tip of any of the needles in the recording. They are a hollow metal construction and the cable joint spins which makes for a relaxing magic loop experience but they feel a little cheap for the price. I bought my set in January this year and the cables already need replacing in two of the sizes and they do kink quite badly. Disappointingly for me, the end caps for the cables didn’t come with the set but surprisingly cable connectors did. You have to pay another  This set is the 5 inch, small tip set. I got mine on sale on but if you want to try them out first The Constant Knitter stocks the sets and the individual needles. I do enjoy the tips on the Hiya Hiya Sharps which is why I’m knitting my Akoya on them but I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the cables for the price.



Knit- Pro Cubics

We touched on the Knit-Pro Cubics briefly and you can see the full range here. I also mentioned the blog post from Fibre Friends and mistakenly I thought it was Cathy who penned the post but it was Stew. They share the blog at Fibre Friends and both are very knowledgeable when it comes to both maths and needles so you can forgive my mistake. pop over and have a read of the post if you would like to know more.


Recording of Live Chat





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