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One of the hardest things to do from now until Christmas is to keep young children entertained. Our Activity calendar has been a big hit since our eldest turned 2 so I thought I would share it with all of you, in case any of you are in the same position and trying not to bow to your tiny human overlords, er, I mean children.

What is an Activity Calendar?

It’s a calendar that counts down to Christmas and instead of chocolate, you have holiday-themed activities instead.  We run two pieces of string along a section of our hallway and add numbered envelopes hung by pegs. I then fill the envelopes with whatever activity I want the kids to do that day from making your own Xmas decorations or having snowman pancakes for dinner or writing a letter to Santa. I always make sure to have more activities than I need and I choose them the night before or do a few days in advance when I can check their mood or what I need to get done that week.

I also add in a small treat that they can have once they finish their activity (if the activity itself isn’t a treat in some way) so that they are always excited to open the envelope.

But Nadia, this sounds like a whole lot of work!

It would be except I have added PDF files of our activities here that you can print out and cut around and add to your own envelopes! The best thing about this is that it’s quick and easy. You can change the colour of the envelopes to suit your home decor and your kids have something to look forward to.




You can download these by clicking each line below: 

Advent Card 1

Advent Card 2

Advent Card 3

Advent Card 4

Advent Card 5

I hope that your children enjoy them as much as mine do and that it helps you get through to the big day a little easier. Let me know if you make your own or if you have other ways of distracting your little ones until the big day. If you happen to make an activity calender, tag me on Instagram usingย #growcraftloveย or#cottagenotebookย so I can see yours too!ย 

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