Echoes of Heather and Stone by Carol Feller

Photography by Joseph Feller. 

What do you do when one of your dreams comes from being an idea you tossed around in your head into reality? A tangible thing that you can hold and show the world? I have always loved writing but the idea of having a body of work out there, outside of this blog has always left an unsettled feeling in my stomach.  This hasn’t gone away as I still feel slightly queasy while I type this post but also excited too.

Carol Feller has just launched the presale for Echoes of Heather and Stone which is a beautiful book where 8 designers have come together to design patterns under the theme of ancient Ireland. What has this to do with writing I hear you ask? I was lucky enough to write the introduction for Echoes of Heather and Stone and pull together the inspiration behind each of the designs, in the designers own words. Illuminating the background and areas of Ireland that each designer discusses, culminating in one specific question:


What story will you tell? 


A few of the designs within this book have been released and you can keep an eye on them on Ravelry here.  This book brings together some very interesting ideas on the meaning of making, how ancient communication was carved in stone. So important was their story that they took the time to carve it out, letting it be seen and heard through generations. It makes you wonder what story we tell through our handcrafts?


echoes of heather and stone by Carol Feller

Photography by Joseph Feller. 


This is just a taste and you can read the full introduction in Echoes of Heather & Stone. It is currently on pre-sale here and for further information, you can follow blog releases over on I really do hope that you enjoy this book, the designs are breathtaking. Each has its own unique style but I know that you will agree that they all echo, ancient Ireland within their stitches.




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