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I have some very exciting news to share with all of you. As autumn draws in and that welcome chill in the air starts to great us in the morning, it is the perfect time to chat about yarn and some new exciting things happening around here. Do you all remember me acting like a fan girl when Kate from A Playful Day came to visit TIK and gave her workshops? If you don’t pop on over here and have a read, it’s ok I’ll wait.

All caught up? Great, well I have been chatting to Kate who introduced me to The Fibre Co. while she was here during the trunk show at This is Knit in Dublin. I had those moments where I fondled the yarn, “oooooooooo’d” over The Road to China and fell in love with Tsumuzikaze by Michiyo in Meadow and realised I loved the yarn as much as Kate did. It also doesn’t help that This is Knit also stock The Fibre Co. yarn so my love affair with it continued.

Fast forward a few months later and guess what? This season I’m a yarn ambassador for The Fibre Co.!!! I know I can barely believe it. They sent me some lovely yarn, the Cumbria above and the gorgeous Arranmore below which is spun right here in Ireland. But wait there’s more and it includes your chance to win some yarn:

If you would like to win some TFC yarn, then listen up. The wonderful ladies over at The Fibre Co. have just launched a special competition which they kicked off on Monday the 4th of September. All you have to do is show us your creativity online using TFC yarn with the hastag #tfcbrights or #tfcneutrals.

As you can probably tell from the above pictures, I’m Team Neutral and I will be posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Entries tagged with either #tfcbrights or #tfcneutrals will be considered from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any podcasts (tag The Fibre Co. on social media so they can find you!). 3 winners will be selected by 30th Sept and The Fibre Co. will share the results.

You can find more information over on The Fibre Co. blog here and of course, you can follow my journey over on Instagram here. So, this leaves the important question which team are you? Team Brights or Team Neutral?

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