Week 2 of the knit-along is behind us and I’m starting to see some wonderful hats floating around social media from all of you. There have been some new techniques learned, some cast on discussions and I’m here to show off not one but two new hats that have flown right off my needles and on to some very cute toddler heads. (okay, okay I’m biased.)

Half Theory by Woolly Wormhead (20″ size)

Half Theory Hat

First up is Half Theory which is a fun quick knit. I must admit that I was knitting this while watching Netflix (Knitflixing like a queen!) and I completely fudged up the pattern in the main section of the hat. I frogged and started the main body section and this is now one of my favourite hats. 

Half Theory Hat by Woolly Wormhead in Alexandras Crafts yarn.
Half Theory by Woolly Wormhead (20″ size)

The twisted rib  is beautiful and I do have a soft spot for twisted stitches as the definition is amazing. I used an alternate cast on and it was worth the time in the end. It does take longer but you do end up with a pretty sharp brim out of it. 

Half Theory by Woolly Wormhead (20″ size)

The Yarn – Alexandra’s Crafts

The yarn for this project was a gift from a friend and I love it so very much. This was also a new to me dyer from Oregon, Alexandra’s Crafts.  It has a  rich deep purple base that is tightly spun merino (superwash) and the spring is just beautiful in these stitches. I have so much let that I will be making a cowl to go with it. The dye is pretty much colour fast which in these deep tones surprised me but if you are looking for something new in your yarn stash do check her out. It was very enjoyable to knit with and I love thinking of my friends when I knit or wear the FO. 

Castiel Hat by Woolly Wormhead in 20″ size 

Castiel Hat

This brings us to Castiel which you may have seen on my daughter on Instagram or in my previous post.  This is a fun lace knit with interesting decreases for the crown.  It was a nice step up from the relaxing knit of Half Theory. Again I used the alternate cast on here and worked a slightly deeper brim because I knew my daughter was trying to steal this as I was knitting it. 

The lace repeats are simple so it’s a good pattern if you have never knitted lace in the round before. You can add more pattern repeats for extra slouch if you want a more relaxed look. The purl stitches signify the beginning and end of a repeat so you can’t go too far wrong with this hat.  My only piece of advice would be to chose your yarn carefully as you don’t want a yarn that will relax too much. 

Castiel Hat by Woolly Wormhead in 20″ size 

The Yarn – Green Elephant Yarn DK

I took my time choosing my yarn for this one as I really did want a red hat but again I knitted it for me and it now belongs to my daughter. The colourway is Gothel just in case you are wondering and it is knit in a wonderful merino DK.  Link above. 

This yarn has a nice spring to it and so much so that I thought I had chosen wrong until I blocked it. I thought the yarn was going to bounce back after blocking but it didn’t! It has just the right amount of warm, squishy full brim and open relaxed lacework in the body. This also has the added bonus of being superwash and in kid’s knits, I always try to make things as easy to wash as possible because my own handwash garments take up so much time! 

We had such fun taking pictures of these hats that I’m leaving you with some fun images of toddlers in knitwear. Apologies to those who don’t have kids, just scroll by really fast. Also, I should note that my hat size is 20″ which is the same as my toddler so I do have a chance of nabbing my hat back sometime in the future. 

You can still take part in the knit-along and you can come and join us over on Ravelry if you want to have a chat about hats, casting on and yarn choices.  I have cast on two other hats but I’m unsure if I will get them knitted before the end of October! Eek

How are you all getting on with your hat knits? 

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