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Today, I’m sharing a project that has needed a blog post since October 2015! I would love to say that I really, really think things through before posting…….. in fact yes let us go with that. Last week I was demonstrating at a Moebius workshop and I was lucky enough to be wearing the wrap that Lisa from This is Knit knitted in Donegal Studio WSC yarn using the pattern from Carolyn Kinghorn. I then remembered that I had knitted this for my first daughter but it was only worn once at Christmas and then wrapped and put away.  I came home from the workshop and started looking and after a few hours of searching, I found it with no thanks to some badly labeled packing boxes. I dug out my camera and tried to get a small but very energetic almost 2-year-old to stand still long enough to get some photos. I tried really, really hard with bribery, storytelling and if you can think of it we probably tried it, all so I could show you this gorgeous knit.

I want that wrap mini in Studio donegal Soft

I Want That Wrap Mini


I Want That Wrap Mini

The story behind the wrap is simple. I had wanted to knit the wrap for a while (yes back in 2015)  but I was pregnant at the time and I also had a toddler learning to walk so my knitting time was reduced to whatever my sleep-deprived brain and swollen hands would allow. In short, not a whole lot. So I waited and I was doing a stash dive for a new baby sweater and I fell across some yarn that was suitable. Literally fell across the yarn, I was not a graceful pregnant lady. I had two skeins of Studio Donegal Soft and I decided to knit a mini wrap for my toddler instead of myself as the small size had a hope of being finished before baby number two arrived.


I Want That Wrap Sleeve


Pattern Amendments

This project took me one skein and one day of knitting, in short, my kind of weekend gift knitting. If you are looking for the pattern by Carolyn you can find it here on Ravelry and it’s free. I made this for a 1-year-old, so I halved the stitch count and added 2 stitches either side as edge stitches. For the toddler size, I knitted the wrap as written in the pattern for the adult size but with my reduced stitch count. I kept going until the wrap was 30inches/76.5cm and bound off as directed. I sewed the chunky buttons on as a detail because there was no way I would want this to open on a toddler. I got them from This is Knit but I also use Textile Garden for buttons when ordering online. I wet blocked the shawl and allowed it to dry flat. This is a handwash only wrap because of the yarn but you can knit this in a superwash yarn if that is more to your liking.  That’s it, this was a very ‘wham bam, thank you mam’ type of knit. I actually think it took just as long to get the images as it did to knit the wrap!


This Week on Insta

Before I leave you for today, this week I am over on Instagram moderating the Craft As Therapy account. I have chosen the theme of Outside for the week so if you are crafting and sharing images on Instagram why not join us and post images that are taking in the great outdoors or an inspired by nature image by taking a little of nature indoors. All you have to do is share the image with the tag #craftastherapy or #craftastherapy_outside and I might share your image on the account. The group is wonderful and friendly and always supportive, so why not pop over and share your craft as therapy story too.

See you all on Wednesday. I will be back with a related Instagram related post.





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