Craft | The Intimacy of Touch


There is nothing in this world as distracting to me as yarn and knitted garments. I can be mid conversation with an old friend and a person wearing a handknit shawl/sweater in fabulous colours will walk by and I’m instantly trying to figure out the pattern or if that is a hand-dyed yarn and if I know the dyer or the name of the pattern.  If you can picture a meerkat, standing bolt upright, sniffing the air for danger, you would probably have an accurate enough picture of me trying to follow that handknit shawl/sweater as it disappears into the crowd.

Just two weeks ago at Yarnfolk, I was patting the sleeve of a beautiful Kate Davies Cockatoo Brae before I caught myself and uttered the words “Oh excuse me,… I ” which was thankfully followed by a discussion on the yarn and pattern. Over the years, I have thought I offended someone only to find that they were delighted to chat about their beloved hand knits. (Or I’m apologising, mentally calling myself an idiot, buying coffee and reminding myself about personal space, the person under the sleeve and that the yarn is not all!)

I have gotten used to strangers patting my sleeve or back of my jumper. That personal boundary line can get somewhat hazy when you are surrounded by knitters, all adorned with their favourite handknits. Usually, this is at a special event or festival and you have no idea whose arm you are suddenly stroking but you can name the sweater pattern and your mind is suddenly trying to figure out if they used the suggested yarn.

As knitters, touch is important to us, the yarn, the texture, the stitch pattern, the feel of a garment; we consider each one of these in turn before we decide to spend hours making something that may touch our skin and when we meet someone else who is also impassioned about the same thing, we have just made a new firm friend.

Now, this post is in response to a photo challenge and I wanted again, to push myself, to do something that scares me. I wanted to capture that intimacy of touch and distraction but in photo form. So here is my answer, I hope you like it.






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