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A few of the Irish craft bloggers have come up with an idea. We wanted to pull together and help each other blog and create something fun. The result: a question and answer series that moves from blog to blog so that you can get to know your craft blogger a little better. Each of us will answer the below questions in turn and link to the next person so that you can move from one blog to the next and hopefully pick up some new Irish craft blogs along the way! I hope you enjoy them.

What was the first thing you remember knitting?

The first thing I ever remember knitting was a teddy bear in garter stitch. It was part of our art class in primary school. I ended up needing help though and I do remember it being winter and sitting beside the fire with my Aunt. I was around 6 or 7 years old and it just went from there. I stopped in secondary school and picked it up again in college and well look at my career choices!

What’s your favourite fibre?

This is tricky for me I love merino to knit with but I love BFL to spin with.

Knitting achievements unlocked?

This made me smile when I was trying to come up with an answer. I’m constantly learning when it comes to knitting. I can knit in the round, steek, cable, read charts, turn heels on socks, do colourwork erm… I learned how to knit continental though my tension is awful in comparison. I feel like there should be a check list for this question, ahem.

What makes you buy yarn?

I buy yarn for a number of reasons. If I have a particular project in mind like a garment, I buy yarn specifically for that so that the yarn can show off the pattern as best it can. I buy yarn to support the indie dyers I know and I love their work. When it comes to indie yarn, it’s usually a particular dye that will catch my eye that is slightly different.

Over the years I have become very picky when it comes to the yarn that I want to work with. I need it to be a fun experience for me as my knitting time has been reduced significantly. I have to enjoy the blend of the fibres, how it reacts in the pattern etc. Colour is a very important factor in the yarn that I buy. I buy yarn to photograph, I buy yarn to experience it if I have never worked with that blend before and I’m curious.

My yarn buying is very mood dependent. I could look at a wall of Townhouse Yarns over the course of a week and choose a different dye and base every day.

How do you count your stitches?

In 2’s or 5’s. It’s just too slow otherwise!

What colour is your stash?

Purple. Different tones and levels of purple but a tendency to go to the darker side. This is why I have been pushing myself towards the brighter more neutral tonnes like Ellie & Ada ‘Heirloom’ or the deep purple of ‘Alchemy’ above.

What yarny blogs do you follow?

I read a lot of blogs but few are pure craft or knitter blogs. I like the Yarn Harlot, A Playfulday, Live and Let Pie, LittleBobbins, WoollyThinker, BlueJay of Happiness and of course all the Irish knitter’s blogs we are about to tour!

What’s your favourite knitting book?

I actually don’t have one! Gasp! I know controversial right? I love knitting books but I’ve lost touch with the ones I own because I get so little time to relax and so many of them are packed in boxes in the attic right now. The two I have open on my desk/tablet at the moment are Lost in the Woods and Knitting with Rainbows.

Update: I realised that I should explain why I have both of these open. I can learn a lot from Lost in the Woods. The photography blew me away when I first saw the lookbook and then when I saw the finished ebook, I was completely engrossed with how they pulled such a lovely cohesive collection together. Everything from how the knits are photographed to the writing with this book is just beautiful. Let’s say it’s my Photo-Knit Muse at the moment. I don’t get time to knit (Akoya is 4 months on the needles if not more lol) so I can dream.  I would love to knit Pravigan but I know my limits and this one is out of reach until my kids are a little older.

And dreaming is why Knitting with Rainbows is open. This book has a beautifully detailed introduction to gradient yarns how best to use them with texture/stitch patterns and Carol talks about colour in a way that was new to me.  I have wanted to knit Shanakiel for so long but I want to do it a little differently. So KWR is currently both a reference book for me and the project that I’m using to get Akoya off my needles. I also have Eden Cottage Yarns on my desk queued up for it too!

Who is your favourite designer?

Now this depends on what I’m knitting:

Shawls – Melanie Berg

Cables – Carol Feller,

Sweaters – Veera Valimaki,

Children’s – Tin Can Knits

Hats – Woolly Wormhead

and even as I typed this at least 4 other designers popped into my head that I go to a lot: Ysolda, Letesknits, Isabelle Kreamer, Stephen West…. I should stop now.

Knit in the round or knit flat? Favourite needles?

In the round as much as possible. I will even rework a design I like that is worked flat to be able to knit it in the round.

Favourite needles?

ahhhhh depends on the fibre! I love my Knit-Pro Dreamz and my Hiya-Hiya Sharps. I love the warmth of wood but the point of the Hiya-Hiya for detailed work. It really depends on the fiber I’m knitting and the pattern and the feel of the swatch. I did warn you all I’ve gotten very cranky as I’ve gotten older.

Clockwork by Stephen West in Malabrigo Finito

Favourite finished object?

This is a toss up between my Clockwork by Stephen West in Malabrigo Finito or my Folded by Veera Valimaki in Hedgehog Fibers. I wear both of these knits so much and I love the combination of the yarn and the patterns in both.

Folded by Veera Valimaki in Hedgehog Fibers Sock

Most embarrassing FO?

Easily the knitted Bunny I made for a niece, years ago. I cannot sew! Suffice to say I should have left the face blank instead of trying to sew on eyes and a nose. It looked like an evil vampire bunny so it was perfect for giving a toddler nightmares :/ And it was in Peter Pan yarn. (Yes I will experiment with anything) and yes if you want to see the final FO you are going to have to click the picture and pop over to Ravelry because that isn’t allowed on my blog!


Bunny Buddy of Doom


Why do you Knit/What does knitting mean to you?

I know you hear this phrase a lot but it is a sort of therapy to me. I can zone out and relax and just enjoy the fibre I’m working with. Through my blog, I have posted about what craft and knitting mean to me personally. I love that when I knit, I remember members of my family that are now gone. I can remember the times we had as we shared stories and knitted or crafted by the fire in winter. Aside from that, I love how I can make my own clothes from luxury fibres and they will fit!

I find that as much as I love knitting I still need a break from it. I blog, podcast and work with yarn constantly and sometimes I just need to read a book or watch tv or binge watch something on Netflix (yes without my knitting). I love knitting so I can still see me knitting away into my twilight years!


Thank you for letting me kick off the blog tour. Next blogger in the hot seat is Rose Anne from Live and Let Pie. Can’t wait to read your answers!





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