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Westminster Wrap in Townhouse Yarns Grafton 4-ply

One of the fun things that I got to do this season was to photograph the London Spires Collection by Jennifer Shiels Toland. I met Jen while both of us attended the workshops at This is Knit by Kate from A Playful Day. This is just one of the collaborations that occurred because of Kate’s workshops so if you do see one near you, my advice is to nab it quickly. Jen and I started chatting about Instagram during the photo session and the rest is, well, to be told in the images below.


The Abbey Beanie in townhouse Yarns Grafton 4 ply


What I love about this collection is how it shows off the talents of three different women. Two patterns within the London Spires collection are made with Townhouse Yarns Grafton 4 ply and you all know how much I love the creative skeins that Jennifer Sisk of Townhouse Yarns produces. From these skeins, Jennifer Toland designed the Abbey Beanie and The Westminster Wrap each showcasing her love of architecture and because of Kate, myself and Jen took her finished pieces and played around on camera until we had shots that could be used in the collection.


The Commons Cowl in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter

Sometimes we all need the help of others to achieve something greater than we could have done on our own. I love watching Jennifer move forward with her designs and even more chuffed when she chooses to use some of the images that I got to take. When we met, Jennifer was just starting on her website and now she has launched her collection and her website ( and has some exciting projects and collaborations planned for 2018. Jennifer also has an *amazing* Instagram feed that leaves me drooling so if you haven’t popped over and had a nosey do that now, I’ll wait right here.


The Deans Scarf in Rowan Cocoon


Your back now? Good. The point of this post is to introduce you to Jennifer’s designs but also to say,”Hey! Look, I did a thing and it was great”. I would never have taken a series of images for print before and by Jen pushing me, here they are out in the world and being shared and loved over on Instagram. If you are creating, the best thing you can have is a friend to help push you. To help you look outside the box that you have unknowingly made for yourself. They help you to see things from many different angles and they can kick off a series of work that you never even though was possible.

Now go check out JST Knitwear designs over on Instagram, if you haven’t already. Say ‘Hi’ and tell her I sent you and check out her collection here on Ravelry.





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