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 Macha crochet shawl by aoibhe ni in hedgehog fibers merino DKMacha by Aoibhe Ni in Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK


This shawl is one of my personal favourites from Aoibhe. An Irish shawl design with an Irish hand dyed yarn from Hedgehog Fibers, what’s not to love? I have already mentioned how much I love Aoibhe’s style, a wonderful marriage between the influences of knitting, crochet and math. I could talk about the structure and drape but you can all see it at Woollinn or read about it on the Ravelry boards. 

What I wanted to use this post for was to highlight how wonderful this world of craft is. In the 8 years that I have been a part of it, I’ve seen people help and support each other from designers and yarn dyers to local yarn shops. When someone utters the words “I wish…” more often then not I have heard them followed by “Why not you?” or “I think I know someone who could help you”.


Macha by aoibhe Ni in hedgehog fibers DK by cottage Notebook Nadia Seaver

These images of Macha are just that. To a lot of people, they are images of a shawl, used to promote the pattern and the designer but to the designer and the photographer they are so much more than that. To us, they are a point in time that captured two friends having some fun on the beach in winter. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to because our lives have gone through changes since we met all those years ago at the Tea Garden.

To me, it was a friend who happened to be a professional designer for a decade who pushed me to use a skill she saw me developing. She lent ideas and support and soothed my nerves. We played with different areas, we shared jokes and caught up on each other’s lives while I played with depth of field, different lenses and bounced around taking images between my phone and my camera. I never expected to use these images professionally but we both loved them so much we did.  She let me explore with wind and light. Taking images into the sun and played with the sunset.  And Aoibhe was FREEZING but she never complained, not even once.

Macha by aoibhe Ni in hedgehog fibers DK by cottage Notebook Nadia Seaver

These are just three images of over a hundred that we took that day but these are the ones that I love and mean something to me. The series we took that day led to some wonderful things for us both on a professional level but to us, it was a day spent with good friends, good food that ended in a local pub for local people 😉

Support comes in many forms but always the common denominator is time. That someone can spend the time with you to help you or guide you or to help you practice. We are all time poor in life but in this world of yarn, hooks and needles we are more than generous with it when it comes to supporting others. Be it a tag or sharing a piece of work or helping an artist spread the word of their latest creation, sharing resources and links or helping a friend or a stranger, it’s those bonds that make us stronger and I am so grateful to be part of it.

If you are interested in learning the basics of Tunisian Crochet you can take a class with Aoibhe at Woollinn or you can learn to make some crochet jewellery here and you can hear more from her on the podcast here.


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