It’s funny for me as a writer to have problems expressing feelings. I always expect that my loved ones know how I feel. That’s why when Planning Jani and Sarah’s Journal Life ran their Instagram competition I knew I wanted to take part. Though I could never make a journal spread as beautiful as theirs, I could make one that said those things that I always take for granted that J would know.


[AF links in this paragraph] I kept this simple and used the Ex Travel Way MT washi tape and a gold uni-ball to pick out letters from my craft pencil. Then I just added some wooden stamps to the back of the page and allowed them to dry before writing on top and of course my YHH planner and I’m still using the dot grid paper that came with it.

My journal has helped me write when I couldn’t. It helps to just empty my head and make it less noisy in there so I can focus again. I don’t have to use it every day but it’s there when I need it like an old friend that will never leave you no matter how harsh the words you use.

For those who aren’t interested in what I actually wrote you can look away now. Make a coffee and plan your seed lists and I’ll see you back here on Saturday for some garden fun. For those who want to read my words (let’s face it, John the rest of this post is for you) read on:

“Someone asked me recently how we met. I used to be embarrassed by this question but this time I smiled. If you’re reading this, I know you’re wondering why. This is a question that made me blush from guilt but not any more”

“The day we met was the very last time you were ever my second choice for anything. By the end of that day, I could call you my friend. By the end of that year, you made me realise that I had forgotten what I wanted in life. “

“With laughter, sci-fi and some questionable dancing, I started smiling like I didn’t know I could. From deep within, like my soul was awake.”

“Two years later we didn’t want to spend time apart and so we unknowingly started to build a life together. From that moment (thank you Lesbian Vampire Killers) you never stopped holding my hand. Through marriages, deaths, adventure, fear and the unknown, you stood beside me. Always quiet, never judging but always my strength.

“I would never choose a different path than the one we walk together. Life, as it is for everyone, it’s never easy but with you there is always laughter, warm arms to fall into and kisses that can make the world disappear.”

“With you, there will never be enough time.”



If you made it to here, know that this post makes up for some terrible wedding vows (no matter how great I thought they were at the time) and also he is going to make valentines dinner followed by an epic Ratchet and Clank gaming night 😀

Thanks for reading.

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