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During the house clear out, I had to pack up all of my baby knits so I thought I could share two of my favourite patterns with all of you. I have patterns that I knit for myself and for friends and these two little cardigans, well, I am genuinely sad to wrap up forever or until I can pass them on to my girls for their children. (Oh my word that sentence just caused palpitations!) They work well together in this post as I used the same yarn in both patterns. So if you are looking for some cute baby knits than scroll on down.


Pattern – Beyond Puerperium by Kelly van Niekerk

This was the first handknit that I made when I was pregnant.  After the shock settled I dove into queueing baby patterns. I instantly went for some Hedgehog sock yarn and cast on this top-down knit. I am a Kelly van Niekerk (Brooker) fan for a long time and I always go to her account to see if she has released any new pattern when I need to cast on for a tiny human.

This is a really simple top-down knit worked all in one piece with a beautiful button band to the side of the garment. If you haven’t worked a top-down knit before this is a perfect pattern to start with. This pattern is free in just the baby size here and then if you want the more comprehensive pattern you can find it in different yarn weights and sizes here.


Beyond Puerpreium Kelly Brooker by cottage Notebook Nadia Seaver

Beyond Puerperium by Kelly van Niekerk

Pattern – Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris

This beautiful wraplan is a free pattern on Ravelry and it’s perfect for using up yarn that is left over from other projects. I used the Hedgehog sock from the previous project and Rialto DK together to give a texture difference but I also really wanted to work this with purple yarn so that won out over the weight. What I love about this pattern on Ravelry is the inspiration that pops out at you from the finished object gallery for the pattern. I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl so I was choosing knits that could be worn by either which in fairness is most baby knits. This pattern is well written, has over a thousand projects on Ravelry and is firmly in my gift knit folder.


Offset wraplan by sara morris by cottage notebook

Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris

Yarn – Hedgehog Fibers Sock

For both these patterns I choose Hedgehog Fibers Sock and the reason for that was because the base was soft it was an amazing colourway that spoke to me from the yarn shelves. I know your wondering so no it didn’t help being pregnant and working in a yarn shop because I wanted to knit all the things and buy *all* the yarn but I stuck to indie yarns and Debbie Bliss yarns for all of my baby knits.

Hedgehog Fibers not only has beautiful colourways bt the yarn held up really well for both of my girls and these cardigans have been washed many times and they still look like they came off the needles recently. Which isn’t true for some of the yarns that I have used since *side eyes my drops big merino sweater but that’s another story entirely. Hedgehog sock also bloomed when it dried enabling me to knit it with the Rialto DK for the wraplan cardigan. I knitted this on a 3.5mm needle so the DK was knitted tightly and the sock a bit loosely. I don’t recommend messing with weights like this as usually it never works out but I knew my tension and both yarns well so for me it worked fine. I would recommend you choose the Rialto 4-ply if you want to cast on for yourself.

As I said at the start I am sad to wrap up these knits and pop them away. I did place the knitted hats to go with both patterns in IKEA frames and they are now on my craft room wall so I have something to remind me of my baby knits. Don’t worry they are against a wall that isn’t exposed to natural light so they won’t bleach! I hope you like the Handmade Wardrobe series and the Handmade Wardrobe for Kids. You can also see a full list of my favourite children’s patterns here.

See you on wednesday for the NaNo update, hint, it’s not looking good.





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