I thought I would share one of the fun things that I got to do recently and that was the Reef Breeze photoshoot with Jen from JST Knitwear Designs. When I say fun, I also mean wet because it was a stormy day here at the beach and it wasn’t the shoot that either of us had in mind when we thought of shooting Reef Breeze originally. We both had images of a bright clear blue sky or soft morning light but as always Ireland is unpredictable when it comes to weather.



In the end, we decided to make the use of those beautiful grey storm clouds which can be hard to photograph in because everything can seem a little dull but I think they add drama and I also like to share what life is really like here.

For those of you dying to know about the pattern; Jen’s shawl is made with The Fibre Co. Meadow and you can find out all the knitting information here or you can follow her on Instagram here.  The shawl is a top-down crescent shape shawl that starts with a garter stitch tab. The real beauty in this shawl is in the detailed border. Between the lace panels are beautiful coral fan motifs and the ends of the shawl have a beautiful seahorse type curl that I played with over and over on the day.



After ducking out between some showers we decided that we needed to warm up in a local cafe with coffee and breakfast. Picture me urging Jen to take out her shawl as we sat inside this cafe with huge windows. The lighting in the cafe was amazing, almost perfect and we took my favourite image of our morning right there with the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting in the air. I am on a little bit of a shadow kick at the moment and I love how the shadow lies on her left arm above. This is our second photoshoot together and Jen is always so much fun to photograph the problem is getting us to stop laughing long enough to shoot. You can see the images she chose over on her Ravelry page but the ones I’m sharing are the ones that I love from that day.



If someone told me a year ago that I would be using my camera more than my blog I would have laughed but I am so glad that I have been able to practice and share what I have been creating with others. I’m still playing with a style but now I can almost feel what it is that I want to create along with the ability to edit it. For those asking these are photographed on a Canon EOS with 55 – 250 lens with stabilizer and a Samsung S6 using VSCOX and Lightroom as editing suites. The quality between a phone and a camera are so vastly different but I love doing test shots with my phone especially in the rain. I’m looking forward to playing more over the Summer with Irish landscapes and of course when I get to visit Bloom in the Park! Though that might require a macro lens…

For now, pop over and show Jen’s design some love and tell her I sent you. xx

I will be sharing more photos from that day in a future post all about taking photos in the rain and how I capture raindrops using my phone. hint don’t hold an umbrella at the same time 😉 For those asking, we are on the mend here at the cottage and hopefully back to full steam for Woollinn this Thursday! Woohoo!



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