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A face full of yarn. That’s what that image suggests right? This is exactly what you would see if you had your face in Yvonne’s Dublin Dye display at Yarnfolk. If you follow me on social media you would have noticed that I had a fun yarn filled bank holiday. I’m sure that you will see a professional review of the festival (go check out LB Handknits review here) so I thought I could do a personal one.

Townhouse Yarns


The festival started out as an event I was going to visit but after a few conversations and a free passenger seat, it turned into the best yarn road trip I’ve ever done! I got to meet so many wonderful people over the weekend but I won’t fill the post with selfies because my phone died very early on and I had to recharge it so I’m actually missing a bunch of photos around mid day but I did snag some lovely shots of yarn from the exhibitors apart from those in the community hall whom I never got back to visit. My favourite display was from Townhouse Yarns and yes it sounds biased but did you see the house? and that was fresh Ivy!

For the duration of Yarnfolk, I was Yvonne’s assistant and let me tell you that was fun! I love selling yarn and I love selling yarn of someone I know even more. Dublin Dye has been around as long as I have been in Dublin but if you want the background story check out Yvonne’s craft interview here. I spent a lot of my time taking images, chatting to all the lovely people who dropped by and then dashing around for lunch before trying to nab a few of the dyers I wanted to thank in person for their help recently. I also ushered some very reluctant models into shots like @the_wip_queen below.

I hugged so many people throughout the day and I was even surprised by the number of you who listened to the podcast, read my blog or knew my voice! This really means a lot to me especially when you consider that I am a freelancer who can’t really connect with people while at work. I’m at home usually Monday – Friday and the most contact I get is through email or social media, so to catch all of you in person was amazing even if it was a little overwhelming.

Irish Fairytale Yarns


I just want to say a huge thank you to all the exhibitors who let me take images of their yarn and who took the time to chat with me on the day. You are wonderful people and here is a gallery of images from the event. Have a wander through these images and I hope you like them. These were mostly taken in a 20-minute lap and my phone died before the community centre so I have no Green Elephant, Bear in Sheep’s Clothing images or Skein Queen. I’m sorry ladies.

So that’s a goodbye from me and I will leave you with my favourite image of the event, a moody image of Townhouse Yarns display from Lisa and Jenny.

I hope you are enjoying a lovely August,

See you Friday for a Grow Interview!



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