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What’s This?

A fun new twitter chat bringing together all sides of our creative world so that we can talk about all those topics that have been running around my creative brain. Interesting discussion from both sides of the table all while having a cuppa in your favourite armchair.


The last Wednesday of every month at 8 pm GMT.


These will change from Knitting pattern pricing, newsletters and promotions, social media, basically those overarching topics that affect designers, knitters, yarn dyers and our whole creative community. I would like to highlight both sides of the conversation so that we can all benefit.

How to get Involved: 

Follow The Creative Chat account on Twitter or come and follow me for updates. The chat will run with a discussion topic (Q1) with replies answering A1: and using the creative chat hashtag (#TheCreativeChat).

It’s time for you to make a cuppa, sit in your favourite chair and join #TheCreativeChat

From my online work and running the blog and podcast I often hear both sides of a discussion and that can be anything from the price of yarn or patterns, how to use social media/what you don’t like about social media from a knitters perspective, newsletters and promotions from both sides and i think it’s time to put all of you lovely people in one place at one time and a Twitter chat seems like the best option for all of us to join in and have a say.

For the first chat, questions will look at the cost to produce versus what you think is too much to pay for a pattern. What do you think about pattern prices from new versus established designers and if you only knit/crochet from free patterns?   I understand that this is a meaty topic but it is one that has been held on many different forums and one that I know my own views are different to most out there.

So come on and join in the discussion. 


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