Creating Meaningful Content

How do you create meaningful content?

This is a question I have struggled with on and off again over the years. While the word ‘meaningful’ is subjective, I know myself I want to create with a purpose and not necessarily for a financial bottom line.

This blog has evolved as I have as a creative. It’s reflective of myself. My growth, learning curve and struggles. I have never wanted to ‘feed the machine’ but sometimes you end up feeling low and creating in order to find your inner creative again. To find that spark that makes you smile and you know that you are about to break through your creative block.

Why do you create?

This question has been a cornerstone for me. I answer it regularly so that I can pull back, stop researching and just remember why it is I wanted to create. Are you creating for revenue, advertisers, investors or are you having fun and creating to explore a new medium, new techniques or practice?

To Data or Not To Data?

Research is important but sometimes I want to shout ‘Hell No’ at the data because I just don’t want to write about the topics or keywords that are trending/hot right now. Data in itself is an exercise in creativity if you look at it in a different way. Two sets of eyes on the same data will often result in different written pieces but where is the fun? Can’t I just sit at a laptop and free write? Well yes, I can but it’s not creating with purpose.

To create meaningful content you have to grab the reader, take them on a journey. Let them feel a connection. But what if you just want to create for you?

Over the last year, I have been churning out content. Creating in lots of different mediums with the result of not wanting to look at yarn when I wasn’t at work. I LOVE wool. I LOVE knitting/crochet/weaving/spinning but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. When I want to write about yarn here on this blog, I want it to be how I feel. That my love for my projects are bursting through the screen making you want to find out more about the yarn, patterns and the people who created these pieces.

I’ve said over and over that this blog is my exploration of creativity. From writing to yarn and painting to sharing my journals and introducing you to some wonderful creatives that have captivated me over the years.

Now is a time for me to find my inner voice. To play on Instagram the way I did when I fell in love with my cameras. Would you hate me if I tried? If I wrote this blog as it was originally intended, a log of my creativity? Sharing a creative journey is meaningful in itself. You share the ups and downs with the writer. Cry when they cry or offer a shoulder if you have never experienced what they have.

So I ask you, how do you create meaningful content? Why do you create? What made you start creating originally? Have you evolved or are you still creating with that same sense of purpose? Have you lost your voice? Or have you just found it?

I’m in a cycle of rebirth at the moment. After spending the summer focusing and fixing myself I’m finally able to be creative for me. I have the energy to throw at work, projects and collaborations but still, have some reserve for me. I’m just not so sure that the same creative self is the one that was here a year ago.

Time will tell.

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