Grow | December in the Cottage Garden

As December rolls in around us and we get swept up in Christmas crafts and family duties, I wanted to chat a little bit about our garden this time of year. Around now, families are out decorating with xmas lights and spreading the Christmas joy but any spare time we have is spent catching up on gardening duties that should have been done weeks ago.


We have had the November slump. It happens every year around now coinciding with the loss of daylight hours.With great effort and a lot of whining from me, I do mean a lot! We finally got outside to pick up where we left off.

Usually the garden is sleeping around now but here at the cottage I wanted to move some roses and get a rose bed established. It’s been a plan to move my families roses here and it’s the perfect time to do it. We have been marking out a bed and trying to figure out if we can move them. To do that we have to divide the perennials around here. This is not a fun job or one I am excited about. Knowing my luck they will all die. I’ve also been adding some bulbs in pots around the front door to make the place a bit happier for the festive season. My tulips are down and spring bulbs are in their new beds, so fingers crossed we have a nice display come spring.

In the GIY garden and beds the kale, chard and marigolds are holding their own. The lettuce and radish are still growing at a slow rate.  We have covered any bed we are not using and December is usually when I take out my notebook and reflect on the year that has gone by. I start to plan my seeds and plants for the year ahead with a giant mug of hot chocolate at my side.

This year we are trying to decide if a tunnel is on the cards but finishing the cottage itself may take most of our free time at the moment. If it spills over into the garden I will count myself lucky.

How are your winter gardens at the moment? Any winter harvests? Any winter blooms showing their beauty?

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