Over the last week, my children have been pestering me for paintings. One wants butterflies, one flowers and me, well I do like craft and I do like to paint. Imagine a montage of me running through the cottage collecting some paints, paper and a mood board of ideas and you are about ready to create some bookmarks.



  • Watercolourblock from Flying Tiger
  • Watercolours by Mozart Supplies – Komerbi
  • Sakura Micron pens size 005 and 05
  • Inspiration mood board created by you on Pinterest.

I started by taking the watercolour block from Tiger (the only watercolour paper in the cottage at the time) and cut these into 5cm width strips. I left the length as it was perfect.

I then sketched the drawings or illustrations I wanted on to the paper lightly so that I could see where I wanted to pop the colour. The butterflies are made with the glitter paint from my Mozart set. I started by brushing the sketch outlines with water and dropped the paint into the butterfly wings. I used the gold, aqua and purple from the set.

The other two bookmarks I painted directly from the pots with a #1 paintbrush. These I allowed to dry and then inked with the sakura pens.

This little guy was for me and he needs a name. You will be seeing more of him as my September journal features him quite heavily..in fact, you could say he is the star of the show.

I hope this inspires you to make your own bookmarks.

Thank you for reading!

Much love,

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