Love | On Finding My Niche – To You, My Readers

Late last night I started writing. I didn’t have an objective in mind, it’s just a story that should be told and read by others when I am ready to share it. I cried as I typed both from joy and grief but I also smiled.  It was difficult but that piece is easily one of the best pieces I have ever written, I know that, deep in my soul.

There are so many blogs that are offering advice on how to build a blog and a following. They always tell you to find your niche. This blog isn’t a ‘help’ blog. I want you to think of this blog, as an old friend. I realised that I thought of a friend’s blog that way and that is what I wanted my readers to think of the Notebook.

This blog is a journey and like life, it’s not going to go in straight lines and it will have many twists and turns as my interest and love in different areas moves with time. This blog is where I share my stories, my craft and our journey here at the cottage. It is mixed with personal posts like this one, to interviews as I share friends with all of you. Every now and then, there will be a post that doesn’t quite fit with all the rest but you will find that it is a story that needs to be told.


In my life, I don’t think I have ever ‘conformed’ and if that means this blog will never be read by thousands and thousands of people, that is fine with me. I have sat in lectures and workshops on ‘How to Build an Audience’ and ‘Grow your Following’ and last night I realised that, that was never what I set out to do here in written form. The podcast grows and has its own voice but my blog was about writing and sharing a journey. It had a vague purpose and that was for this place to be a place of refuge for me, to share my thoughts with all of you.

Along the way, I’ve shared posts on finding my voice, creativity, motherhood, gardening etc. because these are the areas of my life that I’ve either been struggling with or I can feel the deeper meaning behind the decisions that I make. I have been told in the past that blogging is no longer about sharing ‘your story’ and that people only read blogs nowadays to find the answer to a question that they have or to help sell a product. This blog then is probably not for you because my story is important and should be told. My journey is important because these moments that I have to think, reflect, make decisions etc. These are what shape me in my choices for a career, to be a parent and in life. I believe that every person’s life matters and what you want to do with it is entirely up to you but mine, I want to write, I want to inspire others to reach a dream of theirs, I want to record and share those stories that sometimes can be overlooked or forgotten. I want my kids to know that I wasn’t just their mother. I have dreams, a path in life, that I have this whole other side that they may never understand but here in these words in what I share and write, they will know me.

Dream  Inspire  Create

On top of all of that, this blog is a place for me to dream. I can take a few moments and delve into whatever I want to. Will I lose readers along the way, sure but like old friends I’ll still be here when you want to sit down for a cuppa and play catch up.  I would love this place to be the blog that does its own thing and that you, my readers, appreciate it for what it is and my following will grow naturally from all of you wanting to join in too. If it doesn’t and I never reach the dizzying heights of blogdom, well that’s ok because the readers I have, who share and comment and join in, you are who I’m writing to when I sit down to write. You are who I think of when I make my coffee and stare at a blank page.

We are all time poor in life and we will never have enough of it. We have no say in how our lives begin or end but if you want to take a few moments out of yours and spend your time with me, trust that I am grateful that you read, share and comment. Let this post be that gesture of reassurance from me to you. That old friend that grasps you on your forearm, smiles softly and says they understand. This may be incredibly naive of me but that is my choice.

I have held you captive for too long already but for me today, the longest of the year, take a few moments and reflect on what you need to feed your soul today and share if you want to below. Come back later in the week for a visit to find out more about my adventures in craft.


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