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As promised in the last post I did finish the Il Grande Mini KAL (woohoo!!) I love this jumper x a gazillion. Who couldn’t love a 10 day garment knit in this weather and I finished it in time to wear while there is still snow on the ground. The pairing of yarns is gorgeous and so soft, I could go on forever but I won’t.

Moving on from the last blogpost, I finished the sleeves. I did extend these a little bit with a 2×2 twisted rib and a thumb hole. I worked the thumb hole using the wrap and turn on the relevant purl st of the rib. This way I can fold it up and look respectable when I have to and then pop them down to be cosy. I finished these on Tuesday evening and spent the rest of the evening deciding on the type of neck I wanted. I mulled it over but the idea of a cowl neck had been rolling around in my head, so I decided on one like this one from Obsidian by Lisa Mutch.


The next day (Wednesday) I picked up my needles thinking I had only the cowl to work and then it turned into the jumper that is cursed. I worked the cowl and as you can see above in the picture, it looks quite nice on the model but when I put this jumper on it did nothing for me and sat quite funny on the shoulders. If anyone is interested, I picked up 68 sts along the neckline, worked 6 rows. On the next row I *K1 KFB* to the end of round. I worked 6 rows and carried out the increase row again. This gave me the funnel shaped cowl that was gorgeous and exactly what I imagined but it just didn’t sit well with me. I left it over night to mull it over and gave a shout out on twitter to other knitters for opinions.


Thursday morning I ripped it out and put the neckline on as per pattern and it pulled the jumper up too much in the front and I wasn’t happy with that either. I got J to rip it out because I just couldn’t face ripping it out again.  Then I popped it on the model and just stared at it. We were watching Merlin on Netflix and Morgana was wearing a beautiful gown with a soft draped neckline and J turned to me and said “That’s what your trying to do isn’t it? ” I sighed and said yes and chatted to him about it. (I’m very lucky that he listens without looking like he wants the ground to eat him alive) After about 40 minutes I said OK I’ll just pick up the stitches while the jumper is sitting the way I want on the model and then I’ll work short rows. J went off to make me a Baileys Hot Chocolate (yum yum yum) and I worked away.

J came back, handed me the steaming cup and I started counting sts to mark the center stitch  and profanities came tumbling out of my mouth. I had yet again picked up the sts wrong for the neckline. I drank and I ripped AGAIN and picked them up for the fourth time. I then ended up with exactly the finish I wanted but by that evening I was sure this was cursed.


The directions for the drape neckline are as follows:

On larger needles I picked up and knitted 117 sts evenly around the neckline starting at the center back. I worked 6 rows of garter stitch. I placed a stitch marker on the 59th st from beginning of round and marked out short rows every 6 st from the center stitch (59th stitch from beginning of round) 4 times (so 8 markers on work). I then worked these short rows by going to the first marker before the marked center stitch and did a wrap and turn and then carried on working the short rows until all markers were worked. The marked center stitch was not worked as a short row. I cast off on needles 2 sizes bigger than the needles used to knit the neckline.

I absolutely loved this KAL and looking forward to more from This is Knit in 2015. This makes project 4 in my Year of Making an FO and I can move on the the Arrow KAL and finishing up Snowflake before the next KAL starts eeek. I can do it. I can. Really.  If you want more information on the KAL there is a thread on Ravelry here.

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