Free Lunchbox Planner Printable

It’s Saturday morning and instead of writing about my wonderful garden, I find myself planning out a months worth of meals.

Lockdown has really had an effect on our eating habits as a family and I wanted to get back to my clean eating plan that I had in place before the world turned upside down.

One of the problems is our kid’s lunchboxes. To be more clear, what goes into my kid’s lunchboxes. We can plan as many meals ahead as we like but if the lunchboxes aren’t included as a separate entity in meal planning then our morning routine all just falls apart and people get stressed and frustrated. Really. Every stress-free morning comes down to it being previously planned.

You all know that I like to journal in the morning so while I was changing over our meal plans, I made this handy printable that can be popped up in the kitchen so that either parent can just check what goes in which lunchbox.

We have a meal prep area that is directly underneath my kitchen organisation boards so it’s easy to read, prep and pack. Hint – this is how I got my other half into a healthier food routine. No more – oh but I don’t know how to cook or make that.

Anyway, if you need this printable too just fill out your details and download πŸ˜€



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