Free Neutral Aesthetics Mood Board

As you can see the Notebook has gone through a lot of changes recently. It was time to finally emrace the neutral aesthetics that have note only filled my home but have been such an inspiration to me with everything that I’ve been creating recently.

I wanted to say thank you for following along on this journey both on Instagram but also on the blog. So I thought I’d share my neutral aesthetic vision board with all of you so you can print it and add it to your planners and journals for some inspiration.

I also wanted to add a quote as the backside of the printable. Someone I admired once told me that I would never get anywhere be being soft. That I needed to be strong. While we were talking about images at the time It’s something that stuck with me.

I don’t see soft as a weakness. I see it as a strength. To explore the beauty around that some others may overlook. The strength in simplicity and tranquility that neutrals and pastels brings quites my mind. So to the backside of this planner I wanted to add this quote by Victoria Erickson.

Just choose your printable size below! Please do tag me (@cottagenotebook) if you use them in your planners I’d love to see them in the wild.



P.S. you can always check out my shop if you are looking for more printables.

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