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Wondering what we were planting this weekend in between the showers, wind and sick kids?  Well grab a cuppa and I’ll bring you right up to date with this weeks garden duties:


This weekend saw the second last sewing of our oriental lettuces, pak choi, tatsoi,  raddish, turnips, spinach, swiss chard and cauliflower.  All went into seed modules except the root veg (raddish and turnip) they were directly sewn into their respective squares.  The modules then got popped right into our outdoor mini greenhouse,  not a care in the world all tucked up in there, I’m slightly jealous!


We managed to harvest some chillies, carrots, apples (2 varieties), french beans, winter peas, spring onions tomatoes and the last of our beetroot. Lil’ T even helped out to wash a few things before getting bored and wandering off to play (or annoy) her sister!



We also had to clean up the beds to get them ready for planting and turn the soil.  We had to prepare the ground for the bare root roses going in.  I’m very excited about finally being able to move my families roses and give them a home here. There is a late burst of flowers and growth happening with our roses and they do make me smile!

We trimmed the lawn edges and gave a light trim to any remaining trees or shrubs that are going to be renovated in spring.  If you want to sew some lawn seed you still can but it’s getting a bit tight and is weather dependent.

The strawberry runners got a little TLC.  I still have fruiting strawberries.  Everything to do with them this year was very late due to the attack of the dreaded weevil!  We tried to control it by upending the container, cleaning the roots and replanting into strawberry wall bags so the adults couldn’t lay on the soil. It really did seem to make a difference but watch this space.

We made some leaf mould bags and if you can there is still loads of time to stock up on this wonderful stuff. Just grab yourself some black bin liners and stuff with autumnal leaves and stack them away at the back of a shed for a year or two and you will have the perfect mulch / soil conditioner when they decay and the best part is it’s free!

If you have not been able to grab any winter colour yet don’t worry there is time but remember that now is the time to plant your spring bulbs here so make your bedding plans and try and get out during a dry spell (if there ever is any).

Don’t forget we are running the Winter Window Challenge until Christmas so you have plenty of time to pop over to the post and see if you can round up some soil and containers.  Remember growth slows down from November so the sooner you get those seeds in the ground the better!

Wondering what’s on the needles, well you will have to wait until Wednesday to have a peek!



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