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Over the summer I have been craving a slower pace of life. I found myself desperately falling over myself to keep up with the cottage gardening jobs but never getting the time to actually enjoy being in the garden. So, for Autumn I am taking a page from some of the wonderful slow living blogs I read (links at the end of the post) to sit back and just enjoy some much-needed downtime.


Okay, okay, I know we all love to give out about the weather but August was cold and damp. To any gardener hoping for their outdoor crops to mature it was awful. My garden literally fell apart in July a little due to neglect and a lot due to weather. In the three years I have been here and grown food this is by far the worst year I have had. If I had stuck to salad crops we would have been fine but this year has taught me that we need the greenhouse before next growing season starts.




We got out and about to turn over the raised beds here at the cottage. The courgettes have mildew which isn’t a surprise but we harvested the last of them which you can see above, that one lonely Atena courgette. I love growing these as they complement the green courgettes well and I love seeing the happy yellow fruit in a mass of dark green leaves. These are usually easy to grow as long as they are planted well and fed properly. As I’ve said before I use bunny pellets in the garden and my courgettes just can’t get enough. Usually, these are planted in a type of hotbed with a mix of pellets and compost and they live happily. This year was just tough.


 Don’t let the praise of my rabbits fool you. Those guys are mean they ate my indoor cucumbers and tomatoes, which was my failsafe after they mastered a jailbreak of epic proportions. Needless to say, it is hard to stay mad at the little fluff monsters but I did for a while. 

The tomatoes and aubergines are just as sad. I’m telling you it’s like a Halloween nightmare out there. I did get some beautiful Sungold tomatoes throughout the summer but few and far between and I have been ripening on the window for most of the summer. I do have some beautifully sweet black cherry tomatoes that you can see in the picture but again few and far between. Also, those cauliflowers that I was so proud of on Instagram? Yeah, they bolted. They ended up as food for the bees and then my compost.

It’s Not All Bad News

The onions, garlic and potatoes have done well despite the epic battle against potato blight.  I have both Lila and White Lisbon onions and the garlic is good it’s just late as I was a tad late in removing the scapes. We still got to play potato hunts with the kids during the summer just not as much as we would have liked. My flower garden has been beautiful all summer, especially the roses. You can catch all my images in this post if you are curious. I just feel like I put in so much work with little or no reward. We didn’t get much family time out there and can someone tell me where the sunshine was this summer. Did we have a summer because I think I blinked and I missed it?

Slow Living

I bring you to the end of this post and the start of my slow living. If you follow me over on Instagram you probably know how hectic my life is between being a VA, freelancing, This is Knit and the toddlers. To stop an epic burn out before the busiest season of the year, I am embracing the art of slow living and just living with less. It fits with all my ideas of growing my own food and ultimately I just want to enjoy being a parent while my kids are still young enough to allow me to be a parent.

Time is moving so quickly, I can see it in their faces as they grow and change. My first born is now 3 and in school and is barely even a toddler. In reality, she is a little girl. I embrace this blog with her growing up as she is my little model and gardening companion and now her sister is finally big enough to play along too instead of sleeping through photo sessions.  I need to take a slower pace in order to be with them more and I know that you can all understand that. If you want to join in why not try a few of these blogs until I return next week with another knitting post. Be warned, set aside some time for these ladies their blogs are beautiful and filled with well-written, engaging content that had me hooked on first sight.

Simple and Season: I am a big fan of Kayte’s Instagram account and although her blog is primarily about coaching a social media she has some lovely posts on slow living like this and how to create a slow corner.

Design for Mankind: Erin is the author of Chasing slow and runs this beautiful blog. Be warned put aside some time when you first enter. You won’t want to leave.

Meandorla: Yes Sara is the Instagram Queen but she has some beautiful posts on her site about slow living that just make sense. If the others didn’t have you nodding in agreement Sara will.


See you next week.





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