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It’s April and you’re inspired to give growing your own food a chance this year but you are so stuffed with chocolate eggs and that wind howling around your house is enough to make you cling to the couch and watch re-runs of your favourite comedy show. Fear not! All is not lost and you too can get this growing season under control and grow your way to fresh summer harvest.

Why – are you insane? My couch is so comfy!

Ok, you may be shaking your head but just have a look at that gorgeous fresh lettuce. If you want some inspiration to leave the warmth of your home and kick yourself into getting outside and sowing some seeds then have a read of this article from The Guardian.  GIY’ers and health professionals have been preaching for years about the benefits of growing your own food. It’s common sense that the faster you eat your food from harvesting, the higher the nutritional value and the better it is for you. So grow on and as the GIY folk preach on twitter, Give Peas a Chance this year and grow your own.

Ok, I’m interested, tell me more……

After having a read of both the article and GIY’s April news above you have an idea of what to plant but you are overwhelmed like a child standing in a sweet shop. Why not start small and pick up some peas and salad seeds. The peas grow fast and are great for keeping your interest and toddler’s short attention spans will not be disappointed. If you succession sew you will have fresh garden peas all summer long and right the way into Autumn if you choose a winter pea.

Salads are one of the fastest growing crops around and if you choose rocket, it will be ready to pick and add to your salads of your post-Easter diets in under 4 weeks. While you are at it, pop some radish into that window box too so you can have a bit of crunch to the mix.You may think that the season has started without you but I just sewed my tomatoes, cauliflowers (the first two sewings got ravaged by bunnies) peas and lettuces. My window ledges are full with little seedling pots. You don’t need no fancy containers, just grab something to hold soil and off you go.

If you are the scientist type and by that I mean thorough, you can follow the many guides on GIY International and they have a neat planner tool too so you can get an email when it’s time to do some garden duties.  Take my humble advice and start small using this year to try out salads and fast growing crops and use your success to fuel your interests.

Come on and grow like you mean it and wellie strut your way to summer of spoils! Don’t forget to show us your growing’ because I love being inspired by all of you!

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