Do you feel it? That cold that sneaks in during September that warns of the coming winter.  I walked around my garden this morning to take some photos for you all and I could feel that cold right through to my bones. I’ll admit I didn’t have breakfast and I was in sore need of a coffee but it’s there, that warning to harvest on a dry day and enjoy what strength is left in the sun. 

For this week I though I could share what I’m harvesting and what is in it’s final goodbye here at the cottage. I feel like I’m the only gardener who has been jipped by the weather gods. I know that can’t be the case but everything seems to be either late or going over quicker than in normal years making it almost impossible to enjoy the blooms and planting. There seems to be an urgency to flower and set seed that I haven’t seen since I was a teen.  Are you noticing it too? Something to ponder as you enjoy this week’s six: 

The Lady Gardener – David Austin

This is the beautiful David Austin rose The Lady Gardener and it was a birthday present from a friend. Every time it blooms I think of here pottering away in her greenhouse or knitting and distracted by puppies. The rose is currently enjoying a final bloom before the frost appears and its original bloom was cut short by the hot dry spell which stressed it. This rose needs a prune this year but it has the most magnificent blooms and leaves with a delicate scent and lives by the patio.  I do recommend checking it out.   

Borlotti Bean

Moving to the greenhouse because it’s chilly, the Borlotti’s are enjoying quite a bumper crop this year. I grew them undercover because their outdoor crop didn’t do so well last year and they have rewarded me handsomely. I can’t wait to show you their bright red and green beans that are just perfect for an autumn stew…ummmmm

Courgette – Atena

Is there anything as prolific as courgettes? This is an F1 variety called Atena and although it is a bush variety it sprawls like crazy. I planted this as an early but have really only been enjoying harvests for about a month. The green courgettes have failed miserably but Atena has more than made up for it. There have been many a rosti, burgers and muffins made with these so I will always find room for them. 


These little guys are just so happy in the greenhouse making a happy sparkling border in the beetroot bed. I always have great chilli harvests since we moved here so I was happy to try the Purple Tiger (sold out) and the Explosive Ember from Seedaholic.  Not only are both of these gorgeous plants but the just provide months of interest without you having to do much at all. I will probably save a few for the conservatory this winter. 

Pepper – Marconi

Marconi is a sweet red horn pepper which unfortunately for Irish growers is a late variety. I should have kept them in a container so I could bring them inside because I fear that there is no time now for the fruits to ripen. I lost all of my Californian sweet peppers this year to some mystery muncher in the greenhouse so this is the first year we have not had peppers. I will try to grow some over winter on a window still but I fear that it might be a waste of time but I have the pots soil and seeds so I’ll try 2 plants for now. 


My last addition this week is our tomatoes. They are struggling now and aren’t really producing. I will probably clear this bed within 2 weeks as our determinate variety is finished and can go, our basil is having a final push (pesto days ahead) and the cherries are becoming smaller and smaller almost toy sized. 

When you look around the garden here at the cottage you can see it’s had a tough summer that followed a tough winter. Everything seems to be struggling and happy to rest finally.  It makes me wonder how this winter will fair, like a warning to stock up on logs now and prepare those knitting projects for the long nights ahead. Next week I may show you my baby brassicas because it gives me hope for a slow growing winter. 

Thank you for joining me, it really means so much to me to be able to share the cottage garden with all of you. Do make sure that you pop over to The Propagator ‘s page to check out more wonderful gardening posts and why not search the #sixonsaturday tag on twitter too to fill your feed with beautiful blooms. There is also a participant guide here if you would like to join in too. Looking forward to catching up with all of your garden posts this week too!

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