I love this time of year when the garden starts to come back to life with exotic colours. Last October I started planting bulbs for Spring as the cottage garden didn’t have a lot of bulbs. For the last month I have had fresh daffodils all over the house and garden. I seem to have planted more than I thought. Just as the first wave starts to finish the tulips are about to break into their colourful displays and so today I thought I could share some colour in the garden with all of you.


I just can’t seem to have enough of these in my garden and next yer I’m going to have more as we reclaim more and more of our front garden which is now looking a lot less like the land that time forgot. With so many varieties of crocus I could look and paint their pretty petals from winter to spring.


Easily the heroes of a confused garden this year the daffodils have just kept coming with display upon display. It’s also kind of fun to watch the faces of the parents on the way back from the school run smiling when they see these happy, yellow stems.


Well, these have been very confused this year. The flower bulbs are very low to the ground with very little stem. I thought it was due to us moving the bed but the other bulbs have all come up just the same. I’m a little disappointed and I think I’m going to purchase some in pots as I wanted some for painting/sketching. Chatting with other gardeners in Ireland, they are also experiencing similar growth so I’m chalking this up the weather unless you have any ideas?


The first of the tulips are about to open and I am so glad that I paired these beautiful delicate apricot tulips under the leaves of the Ozothamnus Sussex Silver and behind the winter pale blue pansies. You can pop over here if you would like to see them. When the morning sun hits the tulips they glow like mini torches and it highlights the veins(?) on the petals.

Miniature Narcissi

These line the rock bed in joyful yellow bursts. The only downside is having to park the car in the driveway and you only get glimpses of these little ones as you walk around the garden. I’m hoping to finish the work in the front garden this spring which will see the car moved so fingers crossed for me!

Snow Drops

These are very slow for me. I keep seeing all the pretty snowdrops in the gardens of my fellow gardeners in the UK. Their little bells shining in the morning light but mine are just waking up and I’m unsure if I will see anything other than these two leaves. I have never had much luck with snowdrops which is why I went for placing them in a pot this year. Wish me luck that these little beauties bloom this year.

Peach Tree

Ah the saga of this cottage and it’s peach tree. This is a beautiful dwarf hybrid that at the moment needs a feed which I must do after this post. I’ve had a few problems with peach leaf burl in our damp spring weather so I’ve opted to keep this in a pot and wheel it in and out of the greenhouse as required. This year it isn’t looking as strong as the other years that I left it outside. I have hand pollinated the flowers so we should see peaches but the temperature warmth and dramatic cold drops have confused her badly. I’m hoping the growth will steady out in March and that some feeding will encourage stronger growth.

Thank you for joining me in the garden today. Do make sure that you pop over to The Propagator ‘s page to check out more wonderful gardening posts and why not search the #sixonsaturday tag on twitter too to fill your feed with beautiful blooms. There is also a participant guide here if you would like to join in too. Looking forward to catching up with all of your garden posts this week too!

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